migrant student records exchange initiative n.
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Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative

Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative

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Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative

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  1. Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative New Directors Meeting Hilton Old Town Alexandria February 28, 2012 Presented by Jennifer Dozier

  2. Records Exchange Legislation Section 1304 – State Application • “(3) a description of how the State will use funds received under this part to promote interstate and intrastate coordination of services for migratory children, including how, consistent with procedures the Secretary may require, the State will provide for educational continuity through the timely transfer of pertinent school records, including information on health, when children move from one school to another, whether or not such move occurs during the regular school year;”

  3. Records Exchange Legislation Section 1308 (b) STUDENT RECORDS- • (1) ASSISTANCE- The Secretary shall assist States in developing effective methods for the electronic transfer of student records and in determining the number of migratory children in each State. • (2) INFORMATION SYSTEM- • (A) IN GENERAL- The Secretary, in consultation with the States, shall ensure the linkage of migrant student record systems for the purpose of electronically exchanging, among the States, health and educational information regarding all migratory students. The Secretary shall ensure such linkage occurs in a cost-effective manner, utilizing systems used by the States prior to, or developed after, the date of enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and shall determine the minimum data elements that each State receiving funds under this part shall collect and maintain.

  4. Records Exchange Initiative Vision • Make it easy for educators (of migrant children) to get the (student) information they need, when they need it. Mission • Ensure the appropriate school enrollment, placement, and accrual of credits for migrant children.

  5. Records Exchange Initiative Goals

  6. Records Exchange Rewards • Be able to exchangeaccurate, timely educational and health information on mobile migrant children • Provide better quality services to migrant children • Lessen the impact of mobility on a migrant child’s education • Decrease migrant drop-out rate • Be able to accurately describe the migrant population; demographics and mobility patterns

  7. Records Exchange Implementation MSIX – Deloitte Consulting REACTS – Novel Management Use of the MSIX consolidated record State site visits and technical assistance Newsletter, Listserv, and Templates Webinars Website for records exchange info Presentations and consultation • System Development • MSIX Operation and Maintenance • MSIX Hands-on Training • MSIX Webinars

  8. MSIX Home Screen

  9. Creating Your Records Exchange Program • MSIX Staff Needed (minimum) • User Administrator • Data Administrator • Secondary User • Policies and Procedures • Who needs access to the system? • How do users get created? • How is the MSIX information used in the State? • How do you ensure the data are kept secure? • What is your training plan?

  10. Creating a Records Exchange Program (cont.) • Administrative • Updating/maintaining the Interconnection Agreements • Using the MSIX Data Quality Grants • Ensuring only eligible staff are using MSIX • Outreach and Continuous Improvement • Do parents, students, and school personnel know the benefits of using MSIX? • Is MSIX discussed at PAC Meetings and state conferences? • Can you demonstrate success with MSIX? Have children been helped? • What changes can be made to improve your records exchange program?

  11. We are Here to Help You! • Use the available resources • Contact the MSIX Help Desk (1-866-878-9525 • Contact the REACTS Team (1-888-REACTS-0) • Contact the OME MSIX Team (202-205-4421) or (202-401-3008) • Contact your Program Officer • Use the information available on the MSIX and REACTS websites • Sign up for a REACTS site visit • Send staff to the OME Conference for training or the Train-the-Trainer • Attend the webinars and use the templates • Tell us what you need!

  12. Status by State (45 States are Live)

  13. Migrant Students in MSIX

  14. What Data are in MSIX?

  15. What Data are in MSIX?

  16. New MEP State Director’s Welcome Kit • Welcome • Introduction to Records Exchange • MSIX Overview • REACTS Overview • Records Exchange Resources • Records Exchange Welcome Letter to Chief State School Officers Tab 1 • FERPA Memo Tab 2 • Privacy Act of 1974 – System of Records: MSIX Tab 3 • MSIX Privacy Impact Assessment Tab 4 • MSIX Brochure (English) Tab 5 • MSIX Brochure (Spanish)Tab 6 • MSIX User Manual Tab 7 • OME REACTS Announcement Letter Tab 8

  17. New MEP State Director’s Welcome Kit • REACTS Quick Facts Sheet Tab 9 • Minimum Data Elements (MDEs) Tab 10 • MSIX, IA/ISA Letter to Chief State School Officers Tab 11 • State IA/ISA Agreement Tab 12 • Policies & Procedures Template Tab 13 • State Strategic Plan Template Tab 14 • Key Performance Indicator Spreadsheet (State Strategic Plan) Tab 15 • State Self-Assessment Tool Tab 16 • Site Visit OverviewTab 17

  18. Contact Information • Technical or General MSIX Information MSIX Help Desk (866) 878-9525 • Migrant Record Exchange Initiative Website: Email: Records Exchange Advice, Communication and Technical Support (REACTS) • 1-888-REACTS-0 or 1-888-732-2870 •