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Ponyboy curtis

Ponyboy curtis

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Ponyboy curtis

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  1. Ponyboycurtis

  2. Darrel curtis

  3. Sodapopcurtis

  4. Dallas winston

  5. Pony boy who is the youngest of his brothers is totally different. Pony boy has long black hair that is always greased down to the side. He is very smart and makes good grades in school he is very sensitive and sometimes people taken him for granted. A famous quotes from pony boy is “when I stepped out into the bright the sunlight I only had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home”. I chose this quote because that is an important part in the book. Pony boy Curtis

  6. Darry who is a six feet two handsome, and muscular guy . Darry`s personality is very different from the other greasers. He is very hardcore on pony boy but he also has a sensitive side. A famous quote from darry is” you don’t ever think, not at home or anywhere when it counts. You must think at school, with all those good grades you bring home.” I chose this quote because even though darry is hard on pony boy it shows that he still cares about him and wants him to be the best he can. Darrel Curtis

  7. Sodapop who is sixteen –going on seventeen, was already a high school drop out. He had dark-golden hair with dark brown eyes to match. As pony boys favorite brother of them all, they share a lot in common. A famous quote from soda pop is “ I think I'm going to marry sandy after she gets out of school and I get a better job. I choose this quote because I shows that although soda pop can be tough he also has a sensitive side. Sodapop Curtis

  8. With blue eyes, high cheekbones and small sharp animal teeth Dallas was anything but a good kid. He was tougher and meaner than the rest of the greasers. Being arrested a ten years old was the start of Dallas's reputation from then on people started to see him differently. A famous quote from Dallas is “fiery,huh? Well, that`s the way I like`em. I chose this quote because it shows that dally will always be dally and no one can change him. Dallas Winston