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Due Dates: Friday March 30th – Hard copy of papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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Due Dates: Friday March 30th – Hard copy of papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues

Due Dates: Friday March 30th – Hard copy of papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues

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Due Dates: Friday March 30th – Hard copy of papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues

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  1. Digital ScrapbookMr. Locker and Mrs. MarshallEnd Result:• Students will gain a deeper understanding of the political process in the United States by examining the Republican primaries and presidential election campaign. • To inspire students to continue to participate in the election well after they leave our class• Creation of a scrapbook – electronic (PPT) or traditional

  2. Due Dates: • Friday March 30th – Hard copy of papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues • Friday, April 13th – Presentation PowerPoint + papers: Candidates Accountability, Issues • Library Dates: Using the scrapbook PowerPoint template students will complete the following sections: • March 1 - Both LABS : Begin research on sections A and B. • March 12 - Both LABS: Checking for sections A and B while students work on C and D. • March 19 - Both LABS: Checking for sections C and D while students work on E and F. • March 29 - Both LABS: Checking for sections E and F while students work on G and H. • April 10 - Both LABS: Checking for sections G and H while students organize scrapbook and put final touches on their product. • April 13- Scrapbook is due • Written Paper Dates: • March 12: 2 Issues draft • March 20: 2 Issues draft • March 30: Final draft is due • Bonus points will be awarded for early submission. • No late assignments will be accepted and the student will receive a zero.

  3. Title Page I. Title page – Name, Date Due, Class Period, Teacher, School

  4. Table of Contents

  5. Section 1Why run? • Why Run? • Paragraph Form • What caused the candidate to enter the race for President? What issues may have caused them to run? • Provide a picture of each candidate • Gather research on each of the four (4) candidates still in the race and more if you would like

  6. Section 2 Why drop out of the race? Why did the candidate drop out? • Research candidates who have dropped out after the Iowa primary • Grid form is preferable with reasons on one axis and candidates on the other, with checkmarks showing reasons next to the candidate • Provide evidence for their decision to drop out such as charts and polls or other information regarding their campaign by using a hyperlink in the candidate’s name to the evidence

  7. Section 3Influences on voters • c. Influences on voters • Provide information as a hyperlink from each type of influence, such as articles, campaign statements or interviews and state how each of these may influence some voters • Endorsements from celebrities or candidates who have dropped • News Media • Advertisements • Debates • Friends or family of voters

  8. Section 4Graphs and charts • d. Graphs and Charts • Polls—provide a poll displaying a line graph of the candidates from January to March on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis • Contributions—using the website, create a bar graph of the top five industries that donate to each Republican candidate and President Obama.

  9. Section 5Political Cartoons • e. Political Cartoons—provide one election political cartoon for each category listed below: • Super Pacs • Obama • Romney • Economy • Supreme Court

  10. Section 6 Candidates’ Accountability • Candidates’ Accountability • Paragraph form • Using the websites and summarize • one article of each Republican candidate • one article on President Obama • Include at least one article summary from each web site. • The article must cover one of the major campaign issues.

  11. Section 7Issues • g. Issues • Paragraph form to be turned in with above ‘Candidates’ Accountability’ • Write a maximum 200 word summary of each issue describing the party stance—Democrat and Republican—stance. • Provide your own stance and why you believe that way. • Three viewpoints total for each issue.

  12. Section 8Map of states • h. Map of states and winners • Label the following on the map: • State name • Primary winner in each state • number of delegates captured by winner • percentage of votes each candidate received

  13. Summary reflection and conclusion • IV. Summary reflection and conclusion • Bullet format--included in PowerPoint • Include a summary of: • overall project including each section • Include in your reflection how your opinion has changed (either switch or strengthened) on: • Party affiliation • Issues • Politics in general • Surprises you found during research

  14. Presentation Requirements • Presentation Requirements: • Font for all headings—42; Font for bullets—36 • Slide quality: colorful, readable, interesting • Bullets: short phrases or words • No word/phrases with fancy entrances on slide • Do Not Read Slides during presentation!

  15. Grading • Grades • 2 – 100 point grades: one for scrapbook completeness and presentation; one for written paper submissions • Deadlines for each section will be established and a daily-work grade for completion of the section will be awarded.