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  1. HAPPY EASTER Comenius 2014

  2. SPRING Easter is in spring. There are a lot of spring flowers: daffodils, tulips and lilacs. It is usually warm and sunny. Spring is a symbol of a new life.

  3. In Poland we start celebrating Easter on Palm Sunday, when the Christians go to church with small palm branches in memory of Jesus Christ's entering Jerusalem. On Holy Thursday we take part in the mass, which commemorates Jesus Christ's Last Supper. On Good Friday we celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is very solemn day and we don`t eat meat.

  4. On Saturday we usually paint eggs and prepare our Easter baskets. We take the baskets to church.

  5. What’s in the basket? On Saturday we prepare baskets with painted eggs, some sausages or ham, some bread and salt , horse raddish and a sugar lamb. We go to church to get the food blessed. The baskets are decorated with catkins and green leaves of spring plants.

  6. EASTER SUNDAYOn Easter Sunday we celebrate the Christ Resurrection.After the mass all family members have Easterbreakfast. They eat eggs and other food blessed. Children are often given some small presents such as chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies

  7. EASTER MONDAY On Easter Monday we havean old Polish custom called „SmigusDyngus". We splash our relatives and friends with some water. People believe that splashing water brings health and beauty.

  8. In Poland we prepare traditional Easter cakes. They are beautifully decorated and taste delicious!We call them „mazurek” and „baba”.Mazurek Baba

  9. Our Polish symbols of Easter are:painted eggs, chicks and a sugar lamb.

  10. Happy Easter to all ! God bless and forgive all with his mercy, kindness and His many fortunes. Have a joyous celebration all. from Poland to all Comenius teams