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The Yanomami People of the Amazon

The Yanomami People of the Amazon. By: Jocelyn, Montana, and Caroline. Location. Housing .

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The Yanomami People of the Amazon

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  1. The Yanomami People of the Amazon By: Jocelyn, Montana, and Caroline

  2. Location

  3. Housing The Yanomami live in shabonos or shabona like the one on the right. From the sky, they are donut shaped. There are 80 to 350 Yanomami living in the shabonos, with the families living closest together. The shabonos are scattered throughout the forest with trails leading to other villages. The distance between villages depends on how good of a relationship they have with each other. The shabonos are easy to build because the Yanomami move for better gardening land and to avoid wars.

  4. How to Build Shabonos The houses within the village are built using materials from their natural environment such as poles, vines, and leaves. After each family builds its own house, a common roof is built connecting all the individual houses together. Each family is responsible to build its own section of the common roof. This forms a circular donut-shaped village. To build the shabono the poles are put in place and secured in the ground and overhead. Then thousands of leaves are woven into the thatch. Permanent shabonos are usually surrounded by palisades to protect themselves from possible attacks. The palisades are about 10 feet long and are made of logs from palm trees.

  5. Population Aproxiamately 28,000, 13,000 in Brazil and 15,000 in Venezuela

  6. Language As many as 60% of the population is still pre-literate, but for less than 20 years the Yanomami children and teenagers have started to learned to write in Yanomami, Spanish, or Portuguese. Even with this literate advancement, they pass down traditions, customs, etc. through their storytelling, like many other indian tribes.

  7. Economy Most of their economy revolves around hunting, fishing, gathering, gardening, selling, salaries, and bartering.

  8. This is only some of the interesting and informational things that is available about the Yanomami, because of the remoteness of the villages much is still to be discovered.

  9. Thank You!

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