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Different And Best Chemical Resistant Hose PowerPoint Presentation
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Different And Best Chemical Resistant Hose

Different And Best Chemical Resistant Hose

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Different And Best Chemical Resistant Hose

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  1. Chemical Resistant Hose

  2. Our industrial hose assemblies are used within process and automation industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage manufacturing, semiconductor and other markets as well. These industrial hoses and fittings connect up to equipment that must function precisely for numerous cycles. 

  3. Many manufacturers have purchased industrial hose assemblies only to find that they were of poor quality and unreliable. At times, simply making the right connections with the assembly can be difficult due to improper fittings or leak-prone adapters; attempts to consult the manufacturer brings little help.

  4. FlexFit Hose  provides quality industrial hose and hose fittings products. One of our specialties is custom Industrial hose assemblies  with hose fittings that are manufactured in-house via CNC precision machining.

  5. We accommodate smaller or larger quantities, according to your requirements. FlexFit Hose services severalmanufacturing marketswith our industrial hose products. We help you make faster connections to start-up or restart your production line by using the correct hose fittings and no adapters.

  6. FlexFit Hose was founded in 2009 within a Hub Zone of Baltimore City, MD, when three partners, including two from within this same line of business, saw the opportunity to better meet the demand for industrial hose products across multiple markets. At the time of start-up, a lack of quality and sub-standard customer service were norms in the industry.

  7. Contact Us:- 7948 E.Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD 21224E-mail: sales@flexfithose.comCall Us Now: (410) 327-0758

  8. Thanks for visit