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Fashion Tour of NYC

Fashion Tour of NYC

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Fashion Tour of NYC

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  1. Fashion Tour of NYC By Lori McIntyre

  2. learn about snapshot snapshot New York, NY Search over 50 travel sites with Check-in: Sun Rooms: Check-out: Guests:  Search Wed Starting point In this tour you will be taken around New York City exploring all the fashion retail stores you would see along the way. We will be starting at the corner of 34th and 7th Avenue and heading east. Content provided by                                 

  3. Start your shopping here at the worlds largest store, Macys. Has everything from moderate priced items to designer items. Hungary? No need to go anywhere, Macy’s has their own restaurants inside.

  4. Stand at the corner of Macys, and decide where you want to go next.

  5. What kind of shoes are you looking for?? Choose from one of these three stores all on the same block.

  6. Where 6th Ave. and Broadway cross. Girls you’ll love it here. Herald Square

  7. Now looking from the other corner of Macy’s you will be standing right by the Sunglass Hut and across the street you will see Gap and Gap Kids.

  8. The Manhattan Mall The Manhattan Mall will be to your right. It has Express, Strawberry, Charlotte Russe, and more.

  9. Cross over 6th to find more shoes, lingerie and many other clothing stores.

  10. Most of these retail stores are much more than one floor, they can be 3 to 4 floors high.

  11. 5th Avenue Now we will quickly make our way over to 5th Avenue and start heading North. We will begin to see more higher priced retail stores as we make our way up.

  12. Lord and Taylor & Sean John

  13. Girls, need a watch to keep track of how long you will be shopping, or guys need a magazine to look at while you tag along?

  14. Here are two stores that are good for both guys and girls.

  15. Want a high quality polo shirt? They have them in any color you could want. Great for Spring.

  16. Moving on down you can go to Saks on one side of the street and……….

  17. ……..Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan on the other side.

  18. Banana Republic and Armani Exchange

  19. Rockefeller Center Need a break yet??? Nah, okay, moving on then.

  20. Versace, Mexx, and Gant

  21. The NBA Store Where the guys can buy any NBA merchandise they want.

  22. Fashion is not only about the clothes but about the accessories as well.

  23. Need a bit of a shopping break? Have some fun and relive all those memories of your favorite Disney movie.

  24. Okay play time is over, on with the tour, across from the Disney Store you will find Henri Bendel and Escada.

  25. Harry Winston Jewels

  26. Handbags? Shoes?? Or diamonds???

  27. 5th Ave & 57th We are going to go east now on 57th street and then back North on Madison Avenue.

  28. On the right you will find Niketown located in Trump Tower and Tourneau.

  29. On the left you will pass Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, Chanel, and Dior. Which is your favorite, take your pick.

  30. Turning left onto Madison you will see Coach across the street and Emporio Armani. To your left will be Calvin Klein.

  31. Barneys

  32. 6th Avenue There is not as many retail stores on 6th Avenue as we’ve seen but you can find Aldo Shoes and French Connection.

  33. In Times Square you will find the MTV store, Champs Sports store……….

  34. ……………and Quicksilver. Do all your late night shopping here, where the stores never seem to be closed.

  35. Moving south to the SOHO area you can find a lot of the same retail stores that are in Mid town. You will also find a lot unique retail stores here as well.

  36. “New York’s Best Kept Secret” Where you can find designer clothing at discount prices. There is one located across from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Morristown, and Long Island.

  37. This concludes the fashion tour of New York City. Hope you enjoyed. Who’s ready to go spend some $$$ now???