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Tips for Your Travel to India PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Your Travel to India

Tips for Your Travel to India

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Tips for Your Travel to India

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  1. Tips for Your Travel to India Travelling is about leaving the known behind and embracing the unknown. The unknown can be unnerving and intimidating at the same time. It is sensible to do a proper research before you travel to a new place so that you know the nuances of that unfamiliar land. Some tips when you travel to India include: Sensitivity towards cultures and spirituality: Flight fares to India are very economical. But India is a country of cultures where people take their background, values and culture very seriously. It is advisable to be sensitive about the cultural and spiritual inclination of local people. Spirituality is given paramount importance. Be mindful of the place you travel. If you are going to a temple, do not wear your slippers inside the temple premises and in case you are visiting a mosque or a Gurudwara, make sure your head is covered at all times. Burnout: We try to squeeze too much in a day’s routine when we travel. India is one of the hottest countries thus getting dehydrated or feeling fatigue is much easier. Do not overload your scheduler. It is easy to get carried away as the colorful country catches one’s fancy

  2. effortlessly; yet, it is advisable to be realistic about expectations. Do not try to cover more than what you can physically afford to cover in a day. Be extra careful about the food you eat: India is known for its love for spices. The food you will find here can be extremely spicy and hot that can cause heart burn, food poisoning, Blood pressure or heart disease. Drink as much water as you can while you are here. Do not buy water from vendors selling water on the roads and eat in small proportions. Take precautions for your safety: India is a developing country that is hugely populated. It is easier to come across unwarranted characters. It is wise for women to dress-up a little modestly and follows travel guides such as not trusting strangers. You are likely to come across the nicest people you have ever met, but, you may also come across rowdy characters that can cause anxiety and unease. Stay away from such people and try not to attract unnecessary attention with your clothing choice or behavior.

  3. Be prepared for Chaos and commotion: India is an overly populated country. Things are chaotic. Schedule is overrated in a way. You may face train or flight delays. Language is another barrier. So be prepared for a bit of commotion when you travel to India. Call Fly Back India for best flight offers to India and a ready itinerary at your dispense. Please follow the guidelines given above when you travel to India for your own safety and security.