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iPad Parent Information

iPad Parent Information. Important Dates for LBMS & SMBS iPad Rollout. 8 th Grade- Wednesday September 3 7 th Grade- Thursday, September 4 6 th Grade- Friday, September 5 Make-up Day- Monday, September 8 All iPads will be handed out via Social Studies classes.

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iPad Parent Information

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  1. iPad Parent Information

  2. Important Dates for LBMS & SMBS iPad Rollout 8th Grade- Wednesday September 3 7th Grade- Thursday, September 4 6th Grade- Friday, September 5 Make-up Day- Monday, September 8 All iPads will be handed out via Social Studies classes

  3. Important Dates for NBMSiPad Rollout 8th Grade- Tuesday, September 9 7th Grade- Wednesday, September 10 6th Grade- Thursday, September 11 Make-up Day- Friday, September 12 All iPads will be handed out via Social Studies classes

  4. Students will receive An iPad An Otterbox Case A Power Brick A Power Cord All materials must be returned at the end of the school year in the same condition that they were received.

  5. What will this cost you? BISD will require a once a year Insurance Fee of $30 in order for students to receive their iPad. If there are damages, students will be charged $50 for the first repair and full cost for subsequent repairs.

  6. How can I pay the insurance fee? You may pay here today Students- pay in the library before school Pay online with Paypal through the campus website

  7. Online Payment via Paypal Go to LBMS webpage at www.bisd.net/LBMS Quick Links iPad Insurance Fee Online Payment

  8. Paypal Websitehttp://www.bisd.net/LBMS Usage fee on Paypal is $31.50 Select Lake Belton MS Enter the Student ID Click Buy Now

  9. You have paid your fee once you receive confirmation

  10. iPad Expectations at School All students are expected to have their iPad fully charged and ready for use each school day The iPad must stay in the Otterbox case given to students The case may not be changed in any way (no stickers, etc) Power brick and cord should stay at home

  11. iPad Pledge Highlights • I will follow Belton ISD’s Student Technology User Agreement and the Mobile Computing Device Guidelines. • I will never leave the iPad unattended or loan my iPad to other individuals. • I will arrive at school with my iPad fully charged. • I will protect the screen cover from scratches, food and beverages since they may cause damage to it. • I will keep the protective cover intact including the port covers and shield.

  12. iPad Pledge Highlights • I will not disassemble or try to repair any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs possibly voiding the warranty. • I will protect my iPad by storing it in the protective cover provided by the District. • I will install the district’s mobile device management system and keep it installed on the device. • I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice and that it remains the property of Belton ISD.

  13. iPad Pledge Highlights • I will return the iPad issued to me to the campus at the end of each school year. If I withdraw, am suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment at BISD for any reason, I will return the school-issued iPad on the date of termination. • I will file a police report within three days in case of theft or vandalism and give a copy of that report to the office. • I will report a lost device to the campus technology facilitator within 3 days.

  14. BISD Student Technology User Agreement Highlights Follow all district, state, and federal regulations regarding internet use. Video record and photograph only approved content. Use email and other communication responsibly.

  15. BISD Student Technology User Agreement Highlights Bullying is not tolerated. Keep your account information private.

  16. What if something happens? • Fees for loss or damage • Charger- $10/$18 • iPad Case- $45/$38 • Broken iPad- $50 deductible first repair, full cost may be charged for subsequent repairs • Lost or Stolen iPad- notify Instructional Technology Facilitator & AP within 3 days and file a police report If the iPad is not returned at the end of the year or upon termination of enrollment, the replacement cost for the iPad is due. Police report will be filed.

  17. You are in charge at home • Make a plan for how you will manage the technology at home. • Some ideas include • Creating a scheduled time for working on the device • Designating a place in your home for working online • Designating a place to charge the device over night so that you remember it in the morning.

  18. Internet Access at Home Students do not have access to the Internet from your home unless you provide it for them. Public Internet access at the public library, many restaurants and several businesses. http://www.beltonwireless.com/locations/

  19. Don’t want them online after school? As the parent, feel free to see what your child is working on. Please take up the iPad at home until it is convenient for you to monitor your child.

  20. Internet Access at Home We realize many of your students have access to the Internet from their phones or at home, and you are already working with them to be safe online. We want to continue to partner with you to teach your child to use the Internet responsibly and efficiently.

  21. Internet Access at School Internet access at school will continue to be filtered and monitored by BISD

  22. Online Safety at School • Internet Safety Lessons- • 2 weeks of lessons concerning safety online and appropriate use of technology • Additional days of lessons about online safety throughout the school year

  23. Young Children are targets Filters and Anti- Spam software keep teens safe Offenders hunt down children based on bits of private info Online Safety Myths For more information visit: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/assets/files/HC_Safety.pdf

  24. Safety depends on the decisions users make Teens meet offenders voluntarily Teens are the primary targets Online Safety Truths For more information visit: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/assets/files/HC_Safety.pdf

  25. Online safety Be aware of your child’s online activities Understand these online devices are important to your child Avoid risky behaviors online Manage online information Have conversations with your child frequently What families can do For more information visit: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/assets/files/HC_Safety.pdf

  26. Questions? • Please contact … • LBMS: Richard Botts 215-2974 richard.botts@bisd.net • SBMS: Joshua Essary 215-3012 joshua.essary@bisd.net • NBMS: Louis Common 215- louis.common@bisd.net • Donna Bownds 215-2069 donna.bownds@bisd.net • Debbie Alston 215-2052 debbie.alston@bisd.net

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