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  1. WELCOME TO FOLLOW ME PHUKET Travel Is Not Something You Are Good At. It Is Something You Do. Like Breathing

  2. The Beautiful Island in Thailand -: “Phuket” The Thailand’s biggest island has everything to offer that will fulfil every of your travelling thirst.

  3. ABOUT PHUKET Phuket, Thailand’s largest island & premier beach destination, is located approximately 862 km. it is located in the south of Thailand in the Andaman sea. Its natural attractions include white powdery beaches, lime stones, broad and tranquil bays , tropical in- land forests, and 32 smaller islands. The size of the island, which is dominated by a chain of mountains running north- south along the west- coast, includes numerous micro climates & a diversity of flora & fauna.

  4. WHY PHUKET IS FAMOUS FOR • Phuket Island is the biggest island of Thailand and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. • Phuket offers opportunities for great adventures in a gorgeous island setting. The area is rich with stunning beaches, luxury resorts, unique tours and historic settings • There are many wonderful attractions and activities on Phuket for both the young and old.

  5. ATTRACTIONS OF PHUKET As one of the premier tourist destinations in Thailand. Phuket has innumerable attractions, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Phuket holiday. The following are some of the most popular attractions

  6. TOP ATTRACTIONS OF PHUKET • Big Buddha • Phuket River Canoe • Phuket Fantasia • Wat Chalong • Old Phuket Town • Prompthep Cape • Karon Viewpoint • Koh Panyee • Simon Cabaret Show • Bangla Road • Muay Thai • Diving In The Andaman Sea

  7. Big BuddhaIt is a white marble statue stands 45 meters tall and sits atop of the Nakkerd Hills, making it visible to most of southern Phuket. The site is surrounded by beautiful tropical forests and offers a magnificent 360o view of Phuket town. Phuket River Canoe The Phuket River Canoe provides an eco-tour down the stunning Moo Dong River and the opportunity to explore the luscious mangrove forests.

  8. Phuket FantasiaPhuket Fantasia is the biggest show in Phuket, featuring trapeze artists, exotic animals, and a cast of over a hundred people. You can enjoy a fascinating story that combines fantasy with tradition to tell the rich history of Phuket. WatChalong it is one of Phuket’s most important temples and visited by thousands each tear. It is beautifully decorated with infinite reflections from hundreds of tiny glass pieces and several pagodas.

  9. Old Phuket Townyou can visit the Phuket old town. In this historically rich part of town you will find shrines, temples, ornate and beautifully preserved; shop house’, quaint cafes, tiny printing shops, impromptu private and the public museum. Prompthep Cape Located on the most southern point of Phuket, Promthep Cape affords an irresistible view of the sunset.

  10. Karon ViewpointThe Karon Viewpoint, formerly known as Kata Viewpoint, offers a look at three local bays: Kata Noi Beach, Kata, and Karon Beach. The top hill of the viewpoint allows visitors a panoramic glimpse of gorgeous Phuket, and is a great location to stop to rest. KohPanyee Koh Panyee is a lovely little village complete with tiny shops and interesting architecture.

  11. Simon Cabaret ShowA wonderful Phuket attraction which any member of the family can visit is the Simon Cabaret Show located just on the outskirts of Patong which is the most popular Phuket beaches. This wonderful cabaret show performed by gracious Thai lady boys will be the highlight of your stay on Phuket Bangla Road The nightlife of Phuket is famous around the world and is one of the main attractions for many travellers visiting Phuket. If you want to experience the Phuket nightlife at its best, then be sure to plan an evening visit to Bangla road in Patong.

  12. Muay ThaiMuay Thai is a form of martial art which originates from Thailand. If you have never been to a Thai boxing fight then be sure to visit one of the Muay Thai fights which are organized regularly in both Patong as well as Phuket town. Diving In The Andaman Sea Phuket is a world class diving destination and the Andaman Sea offers the ideal diving destination.

  13. THE BEST TIME TO VISIT PHUKET • Phuket is an all year round holiday destination but there is a "dry season" where consistently fine weather draws by far the largest number of tourists. • However, good weather is possible at any time of year and Phuket during the less busy months can still provide a wonderful tropical vacation but for a lot less money than going in the high season. • The following describes some positive and negative aspects of each month along with detailed weather statistics.

  14. LET’S CONTACT Thawatchai Tongchan Phuket, Thailand Phone: +66872725405 Whatsapp No. +935868439 Email: Website: