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Health Tips for Women for Body and Mind

<br>Women can do great things when they look and feel their best. Here we have given some Health Tips for Women to make it work for you.For more information please visit<br>http://www.myhomehealthtips.com/health-tips-women-body-mind/<br>

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Health Tips for Women for Body and Mind

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  1. Health Tips for Women – Body and Mind / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  2. Women can do great things when they look and feel their best. This is not so hard to achieve with some gentle tweaks to your diet and exercise patterns. Here are some Health Tips for Women to make it work for you. Cut Down Your stress Stress is a silent destroyer of health and mind. You cannot altogether avoid it, but there are ways to ease the impact. Active understanding that you are stressed will help you fight it better and prevent it in future. / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  3. Try the following to relieve stress: • A Healthy Diet • Meditation and deep breathing • Yoga and regular exercise • Regular Medical Consultation and/or talking it out with a friend • Visits to a health spa or massage center • Learning to say ‘no’ and not taking too much on / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  4. 1. A Healthy Diet • Many cardio and weight-related problems can be reduced through a conscious and healthy diet. • Add fresh fruits and Vegetables to your diet. • Switch to whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, whole grains • Add Legumes, Beans, Fish and Poultry products that are lean proteins • Reduce intake of processed foods, saturated fats, sugar, and salt – Avoid sugar hiding in plain sight in items like flavored yogurt, salad dressings, and sodas. • Joyce Meng MD, Assistant Professor at Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Centre says, “Variety and flexibility often help in maintaining a diet to make it less monotonous”. If you can remain steadfast to a diet that is fine! If not, “Do what works for your taste” / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  5. 2. A Daily Exercise Routine goes a long way to reducing weight & stress levels Exercise keeps heart healthy, builds body muscle and bone strength. Ensure two and half hours of moderate workout per week. If you can do the vigorous workout, then one hour fifteen minutes should be good. Add dancing or playing a game like a tennis and strength training to the workout routine. When busy – find exercise substitutes like taking the stairs, walking often, parking the car a few blocks away, and walking the dog. Do squats or lunges whenever you find time. Add meditation to your routine to help with stress. Dr. Meng says that the more active you are the better your health will be. / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  6. 3. Make a structured plan to lose weight • Losing weight will decrease risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. • Your exercise and diet plan should go a long way to help in reducing weight. • Aim to lose weight gradually not drastically. • Try for a minimum of 5 hours per week workout schedule. Start slowly and then build up the tempo. / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  7. 4. Visit Your Doctor • A regular health check up keeps you aware and stress-free. • Pre-emptive prescription by your doctor who has seen you medical screening reports will ensure that problems are caught and treated in the early stages. For example, if your calcium and Vitamin D levels are down, your doctor may prescribe a medicine to bring the levels normal to avoid the risk of osteoporosis on a later day. • In Dr. Ming's opinion, one must always understand their tests and prescriptions. If you have any worries or question, you must clarify them with your doctor. / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  8. 5. Create Healthy Habits • The habits you make or break today, will impact your health in the future – make sure you are doing the right things today, such as – • Invest time in your health. Make a plan for diet and exercise. Stick to it. • Avoiding Alcohol and smoking • Brush teeth twice a day and floss • Take medicines exactly as prescribed by the doctor • Use sunscreen when you go out. Avoid the sun between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm • Invest in your health and your life will change forever, for the better. A healthy body and mind creates positivity and increases the quality of your life. / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

  9. Website - http://www.myhomehealthtips.com Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/myhomehealthtips Health Tips /Healthy Foods / Summer Diet / Summer Foods / Summer Season Health Tips / Sunny Day Diet / myhomehealthtips http://www.myhomehealthtips.com

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