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Day 8 Mesa Verde PowerPoint Presentation
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Day 8 Mesa Verde

Day 8 Mesa Verde

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Day 8 Mesa Verde

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  1. You could find about 600 cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. You may enter a cliff dwelling as long as you are accompanied by a park ranger. FUN FACT Day 8 Mesa Verde Cami, Barkly and I Our Park Map I couldn’t believe anyone not even a million men could have sculpted Mesa Verde. July 2, At Mesa Verde I found history at every turn (and some pretty cool pictures.) I can’t believe I still haven’t found my plant! There’s a lot of vegetation in the mountains so I’ll probably discover my plant there. I’m using less and less tape because our roll of yellow tape is almost out! Eliza Out of the 600 cliff dwellings we visited one called Cliff Palace.

  2. July 2, We spent about Three hours in Alamosa just looking around then we started our thirty minuet drive to the Great Sand Dunes. If I didn’t wear shoes while hiking those mountains of sand I my feet probably would have burned off. We checked into a hotel near Texas Creek. Tomorrow we’re camping. Eliza Day 9 Alamosa It took us about two hours to climb about two thirds of the way up the mountain but only forty minuets to travel down. The Sand Dunes were formed by wind and rain wearing away the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains They have collected here because the existing winds across the valley blow in this direction and meet winds blowing in the opposite direction. The sand drops to the valley floor and is held in place by water flowing from the Sangre de Cristo's. History

  3. Day 10 Camping in Texas Creek July 3, On the car ride to Texas Creek I became frantic because I haven't found my plant yet, but after we set up the tent I tripped over one of the chords holding the tent up and landed on a petite bush about the size of a tennis ball. The Plant had small red Berries I have never seen the bush before so Sarah looked it up on her laptop and we found out it had never been discovered before. I transplanted it into a small tub to bring to school. I could not believe my luck! Cami discoverer her plant while we were taking a hike.

  4. Day 11 Home Sweet Home