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Harley Ramien | Creative Team AU & NZ PowerPoint Presentation
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Harley Ramien | Creative Team AU & NZ

Harley Ramien | Creative Team AU & NZ

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Harley Ramien | Creative Team AU & NZ

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  1. Creative Innovation • Harley Ramien | Creative Team AU & NZ


  3. ? How USE THE SPACE! can you make your ads smarter

  4. Smart Ads Creative Agency: Oddfellows Advertiser: Toyota Ad Format: Polite Banner Country: Australia • Bring the website content to the user on the page • MediaMind supports up 10Mb of content per ad • Utilize advanced features like Data Capture to generate sales leads for direct marketing. “Measure engagement using Dwell Time – the average number of seconds the user actively engaged with the ad “

  5. Baseboard Setup using the MediaMind baseboard block, creating a new ad space on the page • Creative Agency: Crazyvity • Advertiser: Sony Pictures • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: Spain • Floats over page content at the base of a user’s browser • Scrolls with page content • Setup with an additional expanding panel • Supports video and our advanced features.

  6. Roadblock Sync Creative Agency: Crispin Porter + Boqusky Advertiser: Microsoft Ad Format: Sync Unit Country: USA • Utilize synching to draw the users attention • MediaMind supports up 10Mb of content per ad • Associating the brand with innovation and elegance “Be the only voice on the page by synching your units. Purpose-built video demands user attention”

  7. Are clicks really Dead? Creative Agency: Bridge WorldWide Advertiser: Pringles Ad Format: Polite Banner Country: UK • Strong use of calls to action to keep the user engaged • Simple ad setup and concept, with great results. • Used Custom Interactions to track the user journey and analyze post campaign. “This ad requires 97 clicks before you click through. 20% of the people who clicked, clicked all the way through”


  9. Windows 7 Interactive Video “A strong call to action and purpose-built video encourages the user to interact and explore” • Creative Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky • Advertiser: Microsoft • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: USA • User initiated hot spots to explore various PC’s guided by the hostess • Video is synced between the mrec and expanding panel to create a seamless transition using the MediaMind component • Fun additional features the user can interact with. E.g. the light switch

  10. Interactive Video Creative Agency: Salt Design NZ Advertiser: Orcon Ad Format: Polite Banner Country: New Zealand • Effective ad format for all industries • Use Eyeblaster Video Components prebuilt with our tracking capabilities • Custom shot video for online enhance's the user experience and increase's interaction “Add interactivity and control to your videos to drive engagement and generate longer user interactions”

  11. Interactive Game • Creative Agency: Biborg Interactive FR • Advertiser: Sony • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: France • Strong call to action • Use video to entice the user to interact • Banner expands using site snap at the end • “Engage the user with a strong call to action and then keep their attention with a continuation of storyline”

  12. McDonald’s Interactive Game Funny full page takeover that makes clever use of elements on the publishers page to create obstacles • Creative Agency: DDB FR • Advertiser: McDonald’s • Ad Format: Homepage Takeover • Country: France • User initiated expansion from the 300x250 Mrec and characters start racing down the publishers page • Publisher site content is captured by using our screen grab blockand certain elements overlayed with an animation to create obstacles

  13. Mouse Tracker With multiple messages competing for your attention, every little bit helps. Mouse Tracker give Zune a second shot at getting the viewer’s attention. • Creative Agency: Crispin, Porter + Bogusky • Advertiser: Microsoft Zune • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: US • After the initial animation, Mouse Tracker kicks in to bring attention back to the ad • Getting closer to the ad opens the Zune up a bit more • Rollover gives the full expandable panel experience

  14. Mouse Tracker Not every technology needs to be obvious. Here Javascript (Mouse Tracker) provides solutions Flash alone couldn’t. • Creative Agency: Goodby Silverstein • Advertiser: HP Touchsmart • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: US • We found that Flash Player was retaining portions of the panel even after it had been removed from the page. • Mouse Tracker allowed us to do proper garbage collection on the panels to be sure the ad didn’t continue to impact CPU usage after the panel disappeared. • Allowed us to use one event to handle everything.

  15. Make an IMPACT!

  16. Yellovator “Yellovator is an in-banner game which can be controlled through a mobile device, utilizing cross-channel technology” • Creative Agency: Clemenger • Advertiser: Yellow Pages • Ad Format: Polite Banner • Country: Australia • Mobile page is HTML and uses a combination of PHP and xml to communicate with the flash • Uses a unique ID to sync the gameplay (no app required) • Custom tracking implemented to calculate number of users who played via Mobile vs. PC

  17. 3D Page Cube “Immerse your brand in realistic 3D environments powered by the Papervision 3D engine” • Creative Agency: Carnival Studios • Advertiser: Sony Pictures • Ad Format: Page Takeover • Country: Australia • Knock-Your-Socks-Off User Experience! • Demand user interactions • Bring the website content to the user on the page

  18. Wallpaper Javascript Custom Javascript allowed us to change the background image on the site to match the action in the Rich Media ad. • Creative Agency: Avatar Labs • Advertiser: HBO • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: US • Worked with the publishers to develop a custom script that would allow us to change the background image • Used externalInterface in the Flash assets to tell the script when to fire.

  19. Custom Development When major projects come along, our custom development group can help make it happen. • Creative Agency: Naked Communications Sydney • Digital Production: Future Buro AU • Advertiser: Unilever • Ad Format: Polite Banner • Country: NZ • Gives the consumer the opportunity to add their voice to the brand • Enabled Webcam video recording and upload • Viewer videos then filtered using a custom moderation system before posting to group


  21. Creative State Retargeting Campaign optimization using Advanced behavioral retargeting creates a tailored journey for the end user. • Creative Agency: 30Thirty • Advertiser: Warner Bros Entertainment • Ad Format: Expandable Banner • Country: Australia • Built using the MediaMind Creative State component • Default banner sets a cookie with the state value on the users computer based on the user’s selection • Different creative is then targeted to the to the value of the cookie state.

  22. Smart Versioning Pro Allows Virgin Australia to manage their messaging during a year long campaign with minimal delays between concept and market. • Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney • Advertiser: Virgin Australia • Ad Format: Standard Banner • Country: Australia • Targeting of ads to specific geo-locations to speak more directly to the viewer’s needs • Ads are easily updated by anyone from the MediaMind platform • Platform uses an XML or excel to gather the data required

  23. Smart Versioning Pro

  24. Local Formats • Glider / Levitator • Fireplace • Filmstrip • Tornado • Catalogue


  26. Creative inspiration • Showcase of great MediaMind creative • Links to case-studies and benchmarks • Forum, blog and much more!

  27. MediaMind Support • Creative Training upon request • Local MediaMind support available • - Email: • Phone: +61 2 8243 0000 • 24/7 global support available when Australian office is closed • - Email: • - Phone: +1 866 438 552

  28. Thank you