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By: Bianca Mares

By: Bianca Mares

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By: Bianca Mares

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  1. A D D I E nalyze esign evelop mplement valuate By: Bianca Mares

  2. ADDIE ADDIE is an acronym for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. This model guides you through the process of creating effective educational courses and materials for your audience. While there are variations of this model in the industry, the concepts are the same.

  3. A Blueprint For Success

  4. Analysis The process for defining desired outcomes. It helps you to determine the basis for all future decisions.

  5. Discover your Analysis Purpose-understand exactly what you are creating Audience-know who you are conducting the program for Expectations-identify all components required for the learner to perform Technology-know what the learner will have available before completing the course Evaluation-plan a “road map” so you stay on course

  6. Design The process of determining how desired outcomes are to be accomplished — based on supporting system(s) needed, required resources, timetable, and budget

  7. Ask Yourself These Questions When Designing • How does your audience like to learn? • What is the personality of your audience? • What are your limits and capabilities regarding technology and personnel? • What delivery methods (classroom, online, etc) would be best to achieve the training objectives? • Who will be delivering the training? What is the personality of the trainer? • Are there any language or other obstacles to consider when designing the course?

  8. 3 Concepts When Designing • Outline- Sequence, Activities, and Timing are all very important • Review- review outline with subject matter experts • Approval- should reflect an agreement between you and your client to begin the development of the proposed training program

  9. Develop The process of establishing requisite system(s) and acquiring needed resources to attain desired outcomes.

  10. Implement The process of implementing design and development plans within the real-world environment.

  11. Evaluate The process of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented system and using collected data as opportunities for improvement in closing gaps between actual and desired outcomes.

  12. When looking at the process, you must avoid the thought that it is structured in chronological order. Rather, the ADDIE Model is a continuous circle with overlapping boundaries.

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