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PDC Under Development PDC 331 PowerPoint Presentation
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PDC Under Development PDC 331

PDC Under Development PDC 331

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PDC Under Development PDC 331

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  1. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 331 • PDC 331, Procedures for Prepositioned Materiel Receipt (PMR) and Shipment Status for Retrograde and Directed Discrepant/Deficient Materiel Returns • Establishes business rules and resulting modifications to the DLMS 856R, Materiel Returns Shipment Status, and 527D, PMR to discretely identify a reason for material return, require a matching PMR, and materiel returns shipment status to the receiving activity • Supports passive RFID and item unique identification requirements • Wide applicability including exchange of Depot Level Repairable (DLR), other retrograde shipments, Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) exhibits, and discrepant materiel directed back on SDR reply. • Supports DLA CPI/Lean Six Sigma • Supports Navy retrograde program • Intransit visibility - TCN requirement (TCN cannot be derived from document number)

  2. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 311, continued Detailed Procedures – SDR: • When directing return of discrepant materiel, the SDR reply shall include the date by which the customer must return the materiel to the designated location. The return-to location will be identified by DoDAAC or CAGE. Clear text addresses may be used in addition to the coded address or when coded address is not available. • The ICP/IM responsible for the SDR reply will take action to establish a due-in and generate a PMR to the receiving activity. The PMR will include the return quantity and supply condition code. Action to establish the due-in and create the PMR will be accomplished under MILSTRAP/DLMS. The PMR shall perpetuate the document number associated with the SDR, normally the document number of the original shipment. The DLMS PMR shall include an event code indicating return of discrepant materiel and perpetuate the control number associated with the SDR. • KYL, Key Event LookupDLMS Note: Use to identify the event associated with the movement of materiel for which the PMR is established. S = Directed return of discrepant materiel associated with SDR Q = Directed return of quality deficient materiel associated with PQDR or SA quality SDR T = Directed return associated with TDR R = Retrograde (general retrograde movement of unit materiel) X = Carcass return under Component exchange pricing rules M = Directed return under Materiel Returns Program O = Other

  3. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 311, continued • The Due-in Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) indicating the time allowed for shipment and return of discrepant materiel will be based on the date of the SDR reply. (Use initial SDR reply from the storage activity directing return when action activity responsibility has been delegated by the ICP) Currently, SDR policy for directed returns establishes the following time standards. The SDR reply shall include the return-by date for the directed return as follows.

  4. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 311, continued • The PMR EDD time standard for SDR returns shall be consolidated into three date ranges based upon the above SDR time standards. This establishes the PMR parameters, but will not impact SDR policy regarding return time standards. • Staffing Note: This is a recommendation for consolidating and simplifying the PMR EDD determination. Components may prefer to perpetuate the actual SDR policy-driven time standards into the EDD.

  5. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 311, continued • The returning activity shall prepare DLMS materiel returns shipment status (856R) citing the status reason as discrepant materiel return. Where electronic interface is available, the shipment status shall perpetuate the SDR control number(s). • The materiel returns shipment status shall include pRFID and item unique identification (IUID) in accordance with DoD/Component policy. • The shipment status shall be transmitted to both the activity to which the return is being shipped and to the applicable ICP/IM. • The return-to location shall be perpetuated from the SDR reply using the applicable DoDAAC for DoD activities. For contractor facilities where a DoDAAC is not assigned, use the CAGE Code. A clear text return-to address may be used if neither DoDAAC nor CAGE is available. • The EDD shall be updated based upon receipt of shipment status to equal the original time allowed for shipment and return of materiel (i.e., recalculate the EDD using the date of the shipment status as the starting date)

  6. PDC Under DevelopmentPDC 311, continued • The ICP/IM and the ILCO shall monitor for directed returns. Follow-up with customers is required where classified/sensitive materiel has not been returned by the EDD. • In the event that the ICP/IM requires advice of shipment to support related supply decisions and neither the materiel nor shipment status have been received, the ICP/IM may follow-up with the customer. • Follow-up for non-classified/sensitive returns is optional. [Staffing Note: New procedures for electronic follow-up using the DLMS 180R, Materiel Returns Reporting, mirroring the MILSTRIP FT6, ICP/IMM Follow-up, will be explored in a separate PDC.] • If the non-classified/sensitive returns are not received by the EDD and no shipment status was provided or the customer is non-responsive to ICP/IM follow-up, the ICP/IM will initiate cancellation of the due-in/PMR and take appropriate financial action, i.e., reversal of credit previously provided or billing for materiel not returned. • If the EDD was updated based upon shipment status and the materiel is not received by the EDD, the ICP/IM will follow-up with the shipper to determine the status of the return. Off-line communication with the shipper may be necessary to resolve the problem.