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  1. Technology, The Good And Bad of it! Word Given Industrial Revolution’s Effect On where and How People Lived Meaning Given Interpreting a Time Line 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 10 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 15 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 20 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt 25 pt

  2. Daily Double On the plus side, TV offers entertainment to people. However, it has at least 3 negative side effects

  3. What are dummying down our society, making people buy things they don’t need and offering biased or censored news and information?

  4. On the plus side, non renewable energy sources allow people power for their cars and homes. However, they have at least at least 3 negative side effects

  5. What are pollution, loss of wildlife and nuclear accidents?

  6. On the plus side, cars allow people to travel independently. However, cars have at least 3 negative side effects

  7. What are pollution, accidents and long standing traffic jams?

  8. Daily Double On the plus side, the Internet allows people to explore indefinitely any topic of interest, shop and socialize. However, it has at least 3 negative side effects

  9. What are cyber bullying, kidnapping, and stealing personal information?

  10. On the plus side, computers help people in every aspect of life. However, relying on computers have at least 3 negative side effects

  11. What are people becoming less reliant on their own ability to think, remember and do for themselves?

  12. Daily Double Transportation

  13. What is the conveying of people, livestock and goods from place to place?

  14. Technology

  15. What is a way of putting scientific knowledge to practical use solving problems for people?

  16. Globalization

  17. What is understanding the role of your community and country in the world today, including economy, politics and social issues

  18. Infrastructure

  19. What is the basic systems of a society such as roads, bridges, sewers and electricity?

  20. Progress

  21. What is the continual development of new ideas and new technologies for the benefit of the individual and society?

  22. Two necessities of life contaminated by factory pollution

  23. What are air and water? (and with some factories, the soil)

  24. Type of living quarters for factory workers

  25. What was living in crowded, busy neighborhoods, while living in crowded unsafe apartments?

  26. Negative effects of working inside the factories

  27. What were accidents from unsafe working conditions, young children working, 10 – 12 hour work days, few breaks and more?

  28. Daily Double Result of having many factories had on streets of the city

  29. What were the streets became congested (crowded) with traffic?

  30. New World Social Pyramid The result many factories had on society or the people of a city

  31. What was people became rude, less caring, and lived their lives in a rush? t

  32. Communication nickname of the Twentieth Century

  33. What is the Information Age? t

  34. The change from making goods by hand to making them by machine

  35. What was the Industrial Revolution?

  36. The careful utilization of natural resources, in order to prevent the depletion of the air, water, minerals, and organisms on Earth

  37. What is Environmental Conservation?

  38. The imparting or interchanging of thoughts, ideas, opinions or information by way of speech, writing, gestures or signs

  39. X What is communication?

  40. A system in which people produce, sell and buy things

  41. What is an economy?

  42. Put in order from the earliest to the most recent: iPhone, programmer, television introduced

  43. What are the first programmer, television, iPhone?

  44. President Lincoln and Sojourner Truth Number of years after the first phone call was a patent for a cell phone acquired

  45. What were 31 years?

  46. Year of the first iPhone

  47. What was 2007?

  48. This unknown device could be the forerunner of the Internet Daily Double

  49. What was Arpanet? erfe

  50. Put in order of most recent to earliest: IBM founded, Apple established, first telephone