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FoxMowing Offer a One-Stop Solution to All Your Lawn Care Needs PowerPoint Presentation
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FoxMowing Offer a One-Stop Solution to All Your Lawn Care Needs

FoxMowing Offer a One-Stop Solution to All Your Lawn Care Needs

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FoxMowing Offer a One-Stop Solution to All Your Lawn Care Needs

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  1. FoxMowing Offer a One FoxMowing Offer a One- -Stop Solution to All Your Lawn Care Needs All Your Lawn Care Needs Stop Solution to Does your lawn require a lot of work? Mowing, weed-eating, garden care, hedge trimming and topiary care? If so, you are probably wondering if a lawn care service really can meet all of your lawn care needs, or if you are trapped in taking care of the entire thing yourself. Contact Fox Mowing today and let us take over the burden of your lawn. Fox Mowing loves lawn care and every aspect of it! What ServiceS can Fox MoWing What ServiceS can Fox MoWing oFFer? oFFer? FoxMowing offers a one-stop solution for all your lawn care needs. There is no limit to what our staff can do! We offer lawn care, organic lawn care, tree and shrub care, mulch, landscaping and design, landscape lighting, irrigation services, garden care, mowing services, water care and fountains, topiary care, and more. We also offer services that will help your yard repel mosquito, fleas, and ticks to protect your pets and family from the hazards they pose. Why chooSe Fox MoWing Why chooSe Fox MoWing Fox Mowing provides service packages that meet your needs. Choose and pay only for the services you need and order. Fox Mowing offers: Professional lawn care Landscaping Garden care Tree and shrub care Lawn care Organic lawn care Water care Fountain care Mulch and much more... What exac What exactly DoeS laWn care Mean? laWn care Mean? tly DoeS Lawn care is more than mowing your grass every week. Think of your lawn as an ecosystem all to its self. Do you know what it really needs? We do! Our lawn care services include a number of automatic

  2. services, as well as some optional services. Our automatic lawn care services include: oFertilizer treatments oSurface insect control oWeed control oCrabgrass control Our optional services include: oDisease control oGrub control oCore aeration, fertilization, and seeding What iS organic la What iS organic laWn care? Wn care? Organic lawn care is a lot different from regular lawn care. An organic lawn care system offers customers the best way to utilize their products. Rather than just feeding the grass, organic Lawn Care Businessesfeeds the soil. The fertilizers used are kid-safe and pet-safe, and they are good for the environment. It works with the soil's biology and aims at increasing microbial activity and putting nutrients back into it, which are usually stripped away growing seasons. The aim for organic gardening is to build up the organic matter contained in the soil, stimulate natural organisms that life in the soil to multiply, allows grass and plants to build and rely on their own natural defense system, improve the growth of roots, reduces the amount of stress felt during a drought, and thatch management. What are you Waiting For? What are you Waiting For? Now that you know what Fox Mowing can do for you, what are you waiting for? Set up your service today and leave your lawn,Garden Maintenance Professionals, and greenery to us. You will love the feeling of a lush, green lawn beneath your feet. contact contact Open: 8.00am - 6.30pm EST Mon-Sat Phone: 1800 369 669