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Lawn Care Maintenance By Seasons PowerPoint Presentation
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Lawn Care Maintenance By Seasons

Lawn Care Maintenance By Seasons

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Lawn Care Maintenance By Seasons

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  1. LAWN CARE MAINTENANCE BY SEASONS      Lawn care maintenance by the seasons is a yearlong, continuous affair. To keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all through the year requires a considerable effort. Lawn care maintenance differs from season to season so here are some tips to get you started: Lawn Care Maintenanc e in summer Proper watering is important in this season so that the soil does not dry out. In summer the grass grows faster, so you'll need to mow it more often. However ensure that you don't cut off more than 1/3rd portion of the grass blades.  J ust like the grass, weeds also thrive in warmer climates. Make sure to do some timely weeding in this season so that weed growth does not go out of hand. During summer insects and pests are very active. Check the lawn soil for grubs, larvae of beetles and other insects that cause bare or dry patches. Go for pest control if you find an infestation. Re-seed the bare patches if needed.  

  2. Lawn Care Maintenanc e in the fall Falling leaves must be cleared more often during fall. This allows the grass to breathe and utilise the sunlight in preparation for the coming winter. Clear any dead grass and other debris from the lawn in this season. It is important to fertilise your lawn during the fall so that it gets the nourishment required for the dormant wintertime.   Lawn Care Maintenanc e in winter Leave the grass level as short as possible in preparation for the winter. This will prevent the blades from bending under the weight of the snow. J ust before the onset of winter is a good time to prune the shrubs and trees to encourage new growth and flowering as spring approaches. It is a good idea to clear the lawn and yard of all outdoor furniture, pots, planters, logs, etc. This prevents the formation of dead patches as the snow vanishes. Try to keep the side-walks and other spaces free of snow as much as possible.

  3.   Lawn Care Maintenanc e in spring Clean up the lawn of debris like leaves, twigs and other dead material that has collected over the winter. Early spring is the time to fertilise the lawn which helps in its growth. To get ready for mowing, begin by tuning up your lawn mower. Now is the time for a routine maintenance check. Check for weed growth and de-weed your lawn so that it not only looks neat, but also ensures healthy growth.   You can follow these lawn care maintenance tips and do it all yourself or you could hire a professional lawn maintenance service like Fox Mowing to keep up the schedules. Fox Mowing ( takes up lawn and Garden Maintenance Professionals contracts along with other jobs like weeding and pest control, fertilising, mulching, debris removal, pruning, hedge maintenance, etc.