why do mommy and daddy have to go to work n.
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Why do Mommy and Daddy have to go to work????? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do Mommy and Daddy have to go to work?????

Why do Mommy and Daddy have to go to work?????

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Why do Mommy and Daddy have to go to work?????

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  1. Why do Mommy and Daddy have to go to work?????

  2. Your parents work because they have to earn money to take care of themselves and you! When you are a grown up, it is your responsibility to get a job to take care of yourself and your family. Let’s think about the things that your parents must earn money for so that they can take care of you…

  3. Housing Think about where you live. A House A Mobile Home An Apartment A Townhouse Parents must pay rent or a mortgage so that you will have a place to live.

  4. Food Think about the food you eat everyday at home. Your parents must work to buy the food and beverages that you eat for meals and snacks.

  5. Clothing Think about the clothes and shoes that you wear everyday…Your parents must earn money to buy you clothes and shoes. This can cost a lot of money, since you are at the age that you are always growing out of your clothes and shoes!!!

  6. Electricity and Water Every time you turn on a light, the television, the computer, or plug something into a wall socket, it takes electricity. Your parents must pay an electricity bill so that you can have these things. When you turn on the faucet for a drink of water, or run water into a bathtub, your parent must pay for that water too!!!

  7. Telephone Parents must pay for the use of telephones. Land lines and cellular phone cost your parents money!

  8. Cars and Gasoline If your parents own a car, they must pay for the car AND the gasoline that goes into the car to make it run! They also have to pay for repairs if the car breaks down!!!

  9. Extras and Entertainment If you go watch a movie, or play sports, or take a trip, your parents must pay for these things. They are not FREE!

  10. Your parents love you and work hard to provide for you the things you need and want. Thank your parents for WORKING so hard and earning money at their job so that they can take care of you!