5 essential components of office interior design services n.
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Office Interior Design Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Office Interior Design Services

Office Interior Design Services

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Office Interior Design Services

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  1. 5 Essential Components Of Office Interior Design Services

  2. Office Interior Design Is Most Crucial Factors Office interior design is one of the primary and most crucial factors in the success of your company. A well designed office space may cost a little more, but in the long run it will turn out to be much cheaper and valuable for your company.

  3. The 5 Most Important Components For Office Interior Design Some fundamental but important things should be taken care of while designing your office. Given below are the 5 most important components for office interior design which play a pivotal role in the overall functioning of the work place.

  4. Furniture Modern, comfortable and classy furniture should be used in the work place for creating a nice environment for the staff, as well as a positive impression on clients and visitors. Task chairs should be extremely comfortable because the staff spends majority of their work day sitting on them. A cheap chair can cause back pain, contributing to complaints and absenteeism, resulting in low productivity of the staff. Desks, cabinets and drawers should be as per today’s IT infrastructure and placed in a way that makes working and moving about in the office easier.

  5. Colour Scheme Colours, besides defining the looks, can affect a person psychologically to a great extent. Colours should be chosen as per your profession – for creative work places you can use bright colours like yellow and blue, whereas for serious professions like law, medicine or accounts, you can use sombre and decent colours like white, cream, grey or off-white. Moreover the colour should also be in sync with your brand image, and some branding can also be infused in the whole area or the reception and front office. The colour of furniture should blend with the overall look of the work place.

  6. Lighting • Lighting of any commercial space plays an important role in its overall look and feel. A soothing atmosphere with optimum lighting can bring out exceptional results. A well lit work place gives a feeling of positivity and confidence to staff and visitors alike, while a poorly lit place can give an impression of uneasiness, putting off the staff as well as visitors. The office space should have bright light to make it a productive and creative place to work.

  7. Break-Out Spaces Inspiring casual spaces should be created in offices, not only as a separate place for lunch, but also to be used as break-out spaces which help in increasing the creativity of the employees. These informal spaces, without any books or equipment, can be used as a casual meeting area, where employees can exchange thoughts and ideas, thus encouraging spontaneity and coordination amongst them.

  8. Washrooms Washrooms are an important component of an office setup, but most of the times its importance is overlooked. Washrooms, also called rest rooms, are used 3-4 times per day by employees, and provide a sense of freshness to them. Besides the normal facilities in a washroom, it should be regularly cleaned for maintaining proper hygiene of the place. Regular water supply, toilet paper, liquid soap and good lighting are basic necessities of every washroom.

  9. Office Interior Design The above components of office interior design will definitely result in a sense of positivity and confidence to the employees, besides giving a good impression to the visitors, hence enhancing productivity of the work place.

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