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Becoming a successful freelance blog writer in 10 steps PowerPoint Presentation
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Becoming a successful freelance blog writer in 10 steps

Becoming a successful freelance blog writer in 10 steps

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Becoming a successful freelance blog writer in 10 steps

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  1. FREELANCER TIPS Becoming a successful freelance blog writer in 10 steps More freelancertips on

  2. Passionateabout Writing? • You’re passionate about writing, have an Internet connection and are motivated enough to start a business on the side? Yes, freelance blogging is a suitable occupation for you and yes, you can make a living and something on top out of it. This article will give you ten simple tips on how to establish, maintain and grow your freelancing business.

  3. 1) Find your niche • Traditional media journalists and bloggers can both suffer from the problem of being a jack of all trades, but master of none – the so-called generalists. You want to have a niche, to be a specialist. With blog writers, the search of specialists is even more prevalent, since there are a lot of people doing it and many operate on a global level. Find a topic you are knowledgeable about and one you like. A lot. Don’t underestimate how much passion affects motivation.

  4. 2) Create your own Blog • First thing’s first, when you’re starting out, nobody knows who you are. You will find it difficult to sell a service without having something to show in advance. So start your own blog. Make regular updates, be informed, diligent and professional about it. This is not only a good way to not only be “found” by a client, but allows you to showcase your experience as well.

  5. 3) Calculated Risk • One of the most important things when starting out on any business venture is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t quit your day job at first, make time for your passion on the side. Plan it out, save for three to four months in advance before making the final jump. Don’t put yourself in an all-in position.

  6. 4) Guest Blog • Guest Blogging is a great way to widen your network, showcase your skill and put your name out there. Just try writing to some of the blogs which you like and feel inspired by. Send them a sample and an email offering to do a piece with a link to your blog.

  7. 5) Advertise Yourself • Marketing is crucial for any freelancing business. Don’t be shy to share your undertaking with your friends, family, and colleagues. These are people who will naturally support you and can give a much-needed boost when you’re starting out.

  8. 6) Be Professional • Being professional seems easy, but it is often tempting to think that as a freelance blogger you can afford to cut yourself some slack. You’re not. Even though you might be working from home, snuggling in your pajamas, you still have to keep deadlines, be there for your clients when they need you, sign contracts, etc.

  9. 7) Freelance Job Boards • Freelance Job Boards are a great way to seek out gigs, especially when starting out. You probably won’t have a lot of connections to people looking for freelance blog writer, but taking up those first jobs will amend that. Furthermore, connecting with a professional community in your line of work can be immensely helpful for your business.

  10. 8) Long-term clients • If you find those perfect clients that are professional, pay well and are enjoyable to work with, try to turn them into long-term ones. Follow up your project with a new idea for their company or website and consider offering discounts for people who use your services more than once. Having a couple of long-term clients translates into a steady income, thus financial security.

  11. 9) Modify your rates • Don’t forget that your businesses changes, the economy changes and, most importantly, you change. Selling yourself short is one of the biggest mistakes freelancers tend to make. Do some research about what fellow blog writers charge and modify your rates according to your skill and market position.

  12. 10) Keep going • Starting out as a freelance blog writer can be tough. But if you find the motivation to keep going and consistently follow the points listed above and continuously better yourself, you can be your own boss, work from anywhere you want and on whatever you want. For all that, going through a tough start is definitely worth it, isn’t it?

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