the name of the star maureen johnson g p putnam s sons 2011 n.
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The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson G. P Putnam‘s Sons, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson G. P Putnam‘s Sons, 2011

The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson G. P Putnam‘s Sons, 2011

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The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson G. P Putnam‘s Sons, 2011

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  1. The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson G. P Putnam‘s Sons, 2011 Kelsey Fredelake

  2. The Name of the Star • The story starts on Durward Street, East London, August 31, at 4:17 A.M. • It follows Claire Jenkins, the girl who discovered the first victim of the new Jack the Ripper. Claire is not a main character and, after this first part, is not mentioned again in the story. • After the prologue, the story follow the protagonist, who is heading to Wexford, a school in the East End of London.

  3. Aurora “Rory” Deveaux: Protagonist • Aurora Deveaux, who prefers to be called Rory, comes from Benouville, Louisiana. She had a chance to go to London for school. She has a small addiction to Cheez Whiz. Can see ghosts.

  4. Alexander Newman: Antagonist • Alexander Newman was a part of an old group of ghost hunters. When he died, he became what he had always hunted, a ghost, and he did not use this new development for good, instead, he recreated the old murders of Jack the Ripper.

  5. The Name of the Star • Rory, along with a few more ghost seeing friends, have to confront Newman and stop him from killing anymore people. • With the help of a terminus, a special device used to destroy ghosts, they face him. • It isn’t long until one of them is in a life-threatning situation and they must follow Newman’s orders to save Rory’s friend. • Either they follow Newman’s orders and Rory ends up dead or they must find a way to save them both.

  6. Stephen Dene Stephen Dene is a part of a secret police force that deals with ghost crimes. His first encounter with Rory comes from the time when she first saw a ghost. He helps Rory in learning about her new ability and is one of three other people with the ability to see ghosts who helps Rory stop Newman.

  7. Bhuvana “Boo” Chodhari Boo is also someone who can see ghosts. She works with Stephen. Boo first came in contact with Rory as a type of punishment. She became Rory's new roommate at Wexford, though she was only really there to protect Rory. She gets thrown in the path of a car by Newman and is in a wheelchair at the last parts of the book.

  8. Callum Mitchell Callum lives with Stephen and can see ghosts just like Boo, Rory, and his roommate. He takes Rory out for her first ghost hunt, for a ghost in the subway tunnels who has been interfering with the trains. This is when Rory first learns of the terminus.

  9. The Name of the Star Reviews “A gorgeously written, chilling, atmospheric thriller. The streets of London have never been so sinister.” - Cassandra Clare “Johnson fearlessly takes readers from what seems like a cool innocent-abroad-with-iPod story to supernatural thriller. The tension ramps up exquisitely among cups of tea, library visits, and the London Underground. The explosive ending is genuinely terrifying but never loses the wit, verve, and humor that Rory carries with her throughout.” - Kirkus Reviews “There’s a Doctor Who-ish quality to the book—in both its technology and tone—that feels completely intentional and appealingly fresh to the YA genre, but Johnson’s biggest achievement is in having written a book that will appeal to fans of her earlier work, but also please new readers.” - Locus Magazine Reviews

  10. My Thoughts • I first heard of The Name of the Star through a friend. Before I read it, I knew it would be at least a bit interesting. • The story started a bit slow but soon picked up. I found myself not being able to put it down. The author found a way to get me attached to the characters to where I felt as if I was there with them. • After I had finished, I was wishing for more to the story, which will happen soon in the sequel. It’s a great book and I highly recommend it.