protecting your brain for life n.
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Brainminders 2019

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Brainminders 2019

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Brainminders 2019

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  1. “Protecting Your Brain for Life” Brainminders 2019

  2. BrainMinders was created in 2001. Written and illustrated by PI Staff Member De Fluker, with input from PI President Laura Keever and the Executive Committee, it was funded by an in-kind grant and a gift from the estate of Callye Harrell Neese. History of Brainminders

  3. History of brainminders Association Trends, a publication for association executives, awarded its prestigious 2001 Association Publication Contest Grand Prize to Pilot International for the BrainMinders Program.

  4. Enhancements have been made to the program continually since 2017 by a committee appointed by President Connie Moore. Past PI President Judy Langley was asked to chair the PI BrainMinders Committee and the other members volunteered to serve on the committee. PI Brainminders committee

  5. Our UPDATED brainminder logo Designed by Beverly Kissinger

  6. The original Brainminder buddies Fiona Fox & Penny Panda Wise Old Owl

  7. More of the original buddies… Gerald Giraffe Martin Monkey

  8. More buddies added Brave Bob Beagle Hero Horse Captain Kitty

  9. And more… Toolip Pig Danny Deep

  10. And now three new puppets Charlie Chicken Diego Dalmation Bully Bulldog

  11. Each snippet can stand alone following the Introduction by Wise Old Owl. Using snippets

  12. The snippet program is designed to be flexible to accommodate the multiple needs of diverse groups. Select each of the snippets used from the table of contents. Using snippets

  13. The Table of Contents contains information about which puppets and props are needed for which snippets, and the approximate length of time for the presentation. The table of contents

  14. The last snippet should be the Conclusion by Wise Old Owl and all puppets used. Using snippets

  15. Gerald giraffe says wear helmets!

  16. Say no to bullying!!!

  17. Danny Deep reaching the children

  18. Brainminders cast after party!

  19. primary coloring book

  20. intermediate activity book

  21. Posters & Handouts

  22. More Posters & Handouts

  23. Certificates in English or spanish

  24. Spring: Every year, there are over 150,00 ATV and 4-Wheeler accidents in America. Know the Golden Rules of ATV safety. Be sure to wear a helmet while riding ATVs. Goggles and protective clothing are a plus for keeping riders safe. Always ride an ATV that’s right for your age – they come in all sizes! While ATVs are loads of fun, remember to supervise riders under 16 years old. Stick to the trails and not the road! Get trained and go ride! (ATV Safety Week: June 1st-10th) "This message is provided by the Pilot Club of ________________ and Pilot International's BrainMinders Program....Protecting Your Brain for Life." Example of brainminderspsa

  25. BRAIn-0

  26. Using a blank journal, explain to the senior that you would like to write a special memory book about them and that you will need their help. To write the book, you will need to ask them different questions each time you visit them. Record the question for the day and the senior adult’s response in the memory book. Conversation starters for seniors

  27. seniors mEmory book!!!

  28. Brainminders for seniors

  29. bookmark

  30. stickers

  31. SIGNED & Numbered prints available

  32. Puppets: Banners: 4 x 2 feet, Logo & Club Name The pilot store

  33. Primary Coloring Book Intermediate Activity Book Bookmarks Stickers Prints of new BrainMinder logo Through PI and Panaprint

  34. Enhanced Website presence

  35. Go to member resources

  36. General resources

  37. Safety resources

  38. Brainminders for children

  39. Brainminders for seniors

  40. Brainminders order form

  41. “Play Safe and Play Smart! Protect Your Brain for Life!” Thanks for sharing Brainminders to encourage children, youth & adults to…