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3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy

3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy

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3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy

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  1. FULTON EYECARE CENTER 3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy

  2. 3 Misconceptions about Vision Therapy If you or your child have trouble decoding words and often skip words or start in the middle or end of the word instead of the first letter, then you may be suffering from visual skills. You need to see an eye specialist who will assist you in improving the vision through vision therapy. Vision therapy is a very helpful tool, but there are a number of misconceptions that prevent many people from getting the help they deserve. Here we are debunking the myths. It is only useful for children It’s true that children should be regularly examined for any eye and visions disorders and have regular vision check-ups. Generally, children respond well to vision therapy treatment, but it’s not limited to them. In fact, adults and teenagers benefit from vision therapy too, depending on the nature of the disorder. It is expensive This is not true, in fact vision therapy is comparable to many other services. Families spend thousands of dollars on years of tutoring services. If there is an underlying visual issue, tutoring does not treat the root cause of learning-related visual problems and are much more expensive than visual therapy in the long run. Some health insurance plans offer partial coverage for vision therapy services. So, it’s no more expensive. Eye problems can be fixed with glasses or contacts As much as the right prescription eyeglasses or contacts can assist in improving your vision, it won’t help with vision problems not related to refractive errors. It’s a fact that vision

  3. therapy services can correct visual perception problems and enable better eye tracking. With the therapy’s exercise, you can make permanent changes to your vision. These are just a few of the myths related to vision therapy. If you have words decoding problem than don’t wait, get expert help at Fulton EyeCare Centre now. They offer personalized optical and medical eye care services at an affordable price. Address: 402 W. Chickasha, Ave. #100, Chickasha Oklahoma, 73018, United States Phone Number: 405-224-3937 Website: