what is cheating in computer science courses n.
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What is “cheating” in Computer Science courses? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is “cheating” in Computer Science courses?

What is “cheating” in Computer Science courses?

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What is “cheating” in Computer Science courses?

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  1. What is “cheating” in Computer Science courses? Akshaye Dhawan courtesy April Kontostathis

  2. Motivation for this presentation • Students, even experienced students, “cross the line” sometimes when preparing assignments • Electronic nature of the discipline makes it easy and natural to share program code • Computer Science culture makes sharing code an acceptable practice

  3. but … • You cannot learn the concepts unless you develop code from scratch • Often students will approach problems from different points of view (both of which are right). This may make it difficult to really understand code that you have ‘borrowed.’ • Academic setting requires independent learning • Corporate/research environment has different rules

  4. Question 1 • True or False: Copying a paper on Dante from the web and submitting it as CIE I paper number 3 is considered plagiarism. • TRUE

  5. Question 1a • True or False: Downloading a c++ program that averages a list of test grades and submitting it as CS173 HW 7 is considered plagiarism. • TRUE

  6. Question 2 • Would copying paragraphs from three different papers for a writing assignment in ENGL 100 be permitted? • No! This is still plagiarism.

  7. Question 2a • Would copying sections of c++ code from three different programs be permitted? • No! This is still plagiarism.

  8. Question 3 • Can you give your math homework to another student and let him/her copy the answers to the problems? • No – clearly cheating, right?

  9. Question 3a • Can you give your working program to another student so she/he see how you did the assignment in CS 173? • No – it is NEVER permissible to give anyone an (electronic or paper) copy of your program

  10. Question 4 • It is four a.m. and I am stuck on my programming assignment. My roommate is still up (working on that chem paper). Can I ask her for help? • Yes, as long as you’ve made an effort and she is merely trying to explain the concept – not do the work for you.

  11. Question 5 • All right then. I’ve got the program written, but the Gosh Darn thing won’t compile (or compiles but doesn’t get the right answer). The help desk is closed. What can I do? • Email me. Make sure you attach the program to the email and a screenshot of your error • Ask someone for help, but you CANNOT email the program to him/her. They must be in the room with you. • Turn in an imperfect product for partial credit

  12. Question 6 • You have a gazillion example problems on the web site, and there are examples in the book too! Can I at least use copies of these programs when I do my homework? • Absolutely! The author and I have provided these examples as starting points for you. I can assure you that the assignments you will be asked to complete will be sufficiently different.