outsoursing in banks n.
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Outsoursing in Banks PowerPoint Presentation
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Outsoursing in Banks

Outsoursing in Banks

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Outsoursing in Banks

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  1. Outsoursing in Banks

  2. Traditional Reasons for Outsourcing

  3. Why Companies Outsource?

  4. Advantages

  5. Disadvantages

  6. Determine Your Needs

  7. Identify the Potential Benefits

  8. Identify Potential Risks

  9. Management Time

  10. Outsourcing Can Deliver8C’s

  11. Issues and Challenges

  12. Any comparison needs to take an holistic view of the cost of processing. The License Fee is just one element of the total cost of running a solution in-house Typical licence charge plus annual service fees In order to run the licence, the client will require a server based hardware installation that typically comprises the servers, storage, network, scheme access points, HSMs, DR, professional services, scheme certification costs, and the staff costs relating to the installation project itself. There will also be recurring hardware costs associated with this The client will require additional licences for surround components in order to run (a) the core engine and (b) any other software that forms part of their solution design. The client will incur a large one off cost associated with migration and implementation There will be a considerable annual spend on ongoing platform development, new country roll out and response to regulatory requirements. In the processing model these are largely included, however in the license model additional spend is required The staffing model for a licence / in-house operation is different (larger) – e.g. compliance, platform maintenance / development / testing, data centre. The client will have compliance (PCI, payment scheme) costs, vendor management costs, contract costs, capacity planning costs, occupancy and utility costs etc

  13. In-house vs Outsourcing – A Cost Comparison Breakdown of Present Value Cost Over 6 Years Cost* $m Staff License Migration Software Overhead Hardware Processing Ongoing Dev Total Licensing Processing Adv.

  14. Additional Value Of Outsourced Processing “Outsource anything that is not core to your business.”-------Peter Drucker Technical Financial • Access to world-class technology • Continuous hardware upgrades • Industry-specific improvements to application software • Lower development and regulatory change cost • Freedom from maintenance concerns • Economies of scale • Make decisions with real costs versus in-house “variable” costs • Lock in long-term costs • Improve product profitability Processing Benefits Over In-House Operational • Operational task in the hands of industry-specific experts • Operates to measurable standards • Eliminate internal contention for programming resources • Gain access to industry-specific programming skills • Reduce staffing levels • Gain access to in-depth industry knowledge Strategic • Focus attention on strategic issues • Concentrate financial resources on strategic opportunities • Leverage provider capabilities • Improve “speed to market” • Improve customer service • Reduce risk Revenue Uplift