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Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism. By: Siena Trifiro. Static Electricity. Static electricity happens when electrons jump from one atom to another making a strike of light as they jump.

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Electricity and Magnetism

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  1. Electricity and Magnetism By: Siena Trifiro

  2. Static Electricity Static electricity happens when electrons jump from one atom to another making a strike of light as they jump. If you are rubbing your feet on the carpet then touch some kind of a conductor you will get shocked because that electrons are building up on your socks and they jump to the conductor.

  3. Electric Current An electric current is a steady flow of electrons from one to place another. When you turn on the lights electrons jump to the light to turn it on it goes through a path the path is what the electric current flows through.

  4. Circuits A circuit is the path electrons take to turn something on. Like when you turn on a light the electrons flow through the circuit to get to the light.

  5. Parallel Circuit A parallel circuit is a circuit with more than one path to take to get a complete circuit. Like if you open the circuit, and there's three light bulbs one won't light but the other two will.

  6. Series Circuit A series circuit is a circuit that only has one path to take to make the light bulbs light. If your house was connected with all series circuits when you would turn on one light you would turn on every light in you house, and if you turned off one light in your house all the other lights in your house would turn off.

  7. Magnets A magnet is lodestone; lodestone is a rock containing iron. Magnets have North and South poles which are the strongests parts of the magnet.

  8. Permanent Magnet A permanent magnet is a magnet which can not be turned on or off. Even though you can't turn it on or off it is very useful. Like if you get a really good score on a test, and your mom wants to hang your test on the refrigerator the permanent magnet will keep it on there forever unless you take it off.

  9. Temporary Magnets\ Electromagnets A temporary magnet or electromagnet is a magnet you can turn on or off. This type of magnet can help in many ways like in switches, and it can generate motors or speakers.

  10. Atoms A atom has many parts like the Nucleus, Neutrons, Protons, Electron Cloud, and the Electrons. Protons = Positive Charge Electrons = Negative Charge Neutron = Neutrally Charged Nucleus = Center of the atom Electron Cloud = The part electrons go on

  11. Insulators An insulators is material electrons can’t move easy on. Some common insulators are plastic, glass, rubber,wood…...

  12. Conductors A conductor is a material electron can flow easily through. Some conductors are metal, gold, and silver…

  13. Electric Discharge An electric discharge is when electrons move quickly from one object to another. An example is a lightning bolt of a light bulb.

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