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What an Application Must Include PowerPoint Presentation
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What an Application Must Include

What an Application Must Include

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What an Application Must Include

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  1. What an Application Must Include

  2. 5 Attachments: • Attachment 1: Program Abstract • Attachment 2: Program Narrative • Attachment 3. Budget and Budget Narrative • Attachment 4: Project Timeline and Position Descriptions • Attachment 5: Certifications

  3. I.Program Abstract (Attachment 1) • Applicant’s name, title of project, dollar amount, category applying for • Include – goals, description of strategies, numerical listing of key/major deliverables, coordination plans • 12 point font (Times New Roman), 1 inch margins • ONE PAGE

  4. II. Program Narrative(Attachment 2) • On front page – again, state the category • Involves Selection 1-3 and 5 of the “Selection Criteria” • Double space – not a lot of room! • 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins • No more than 8 pages – must number them “1of 8, 2 of 8”, etc. (may be less than 8 pages!)

  5. Selection Criteria – for Narrative • Includes (up to 8 pages): • Statement of the Problem • Program Design and Implementation • Capabilities/Competencies • Impact/outcomes, Evaluation, Sustainment, Plan for Collecting Data for Performance Measures

  6. 1. Statement of the Problem (15%) • ID precise problem to be addressed • Provide specific data where available • How can activities be started and completed “expeditiously” • “and in a manner that maximizes job creation and economic benefits”

  7. 2. Program Design and Implementation(30%) • Include Goal of project and Project Objectives – linked to measureable outcomes (include objective related to job creation/preservation)

  8. Examples of goals/objectives • Network of Victim Assistance seeks to improve the response and range of resources and support to victims of identity theft in Southeastern Pennsylvania through the following objectives: 1. Develop a comprehensive resource library of materials on the topic and a “how-to” list of activities that victims may use to begin the long process of reclaiming their identity by month 12 of the project 2. Establish relationships and a rolodex of contacts with the various organizations and personnel in the region who have a role in helping with the problem by month 6 of the project 3. Provide two full day trainings to a total of 75 regional victims services providers, investigators and financial services professionals on the problem of identity theft, the victim response and appropriate interventions and support by month 10 of the project

  9. Examples – con’t. • The goal of this program is: To expand NOVA’s capacity in Bucks County to provide early outreach and services to the underserved population of victims of sexual violence who are experiencing substance abuse concerns. This goal will be accomplished through the following objectives: 1. To develop 2,000 outreach materials and disseminate them to a minimum of 5 substance abuse agencies by September, 2008. 2. To work with 2 new substance abuse agencies in order to provide a minimum of 3 counseling groups to 33 victims of sexual violence by December, 2008. 3. To increase the number of victims of sexual abuse who contact NOVA for services and support via their hotline from 98 victims in 2007 to 120 victims in 2008 (an approximately 20% increase in this population served).

  10. Program Design – con’t. • Describe How will reach goals and objectives – design and implementation

  11. 6-step process for helping write activities: • Who are the clients? How will they get involved with my program? • What specific services will I provide them? • How will I provide the services? • Where will I provide the services? • When will I provide the services? • Why is this the best way to do it?

  12. Program Design – con’t. • Describe How will improve functioning of criminal justice system • “See Attachment 4 for Timeline and Positions.” • Describe how approach is data driven and evidence-based (see next slide). • Describe the extent to which coordination will take place.

  13. Evidence Based • What is meant by data-driven approach and evidence-based practice (FAQ sheet)? • What is meant by a community-based data-driven approach? A data-driven approach is a strategy that is informed by analyses of the factors believed to be generating the particular crime problem in a community, and that link the crime problem to evidence-based practice. • What is meant by evidence-based practice? An evidence based practice is a practice that has been shown, through rigorous evaluation and replication, to be effective at accomplishing goals and achieving criminal justice-related priorities (e.g., preventing or reducing crime, disrupting criminal activity, reducing victimization, etc). Where sufficient evidence is not available for a practice to be recognized as "evidenced-based", the applicant should use the research literature and a clear, well-articulated theory or conceptual framework to develop their program or practice. SOOO…What will you put?

  14. Evidence Based: Con’t. • Standards agency utilizes • How long used services • Any outcome measures you have used – in your agency, OBETs, etc. • Can relate to journal/research findings • Blue Print programs • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy • Hero Project

  15. 3. Capabilities/Competencies (25%) • What are the competencies of your organization and staff to implement the project? • Describe management structure and staffing • If applicable, describe partners and how will collaborate • Describe how organization will track all drawdowns and expenditures separately from other federal funding

  16. 5. Impact/Outcomes, Evaluation, Sustainment, and Description of the Applicant’s Plan for the Collection of the Data Required for Performance Measures (20%) • “Applicants must certify their willingness and capacity to participate in an evaluation to be managed by the National Institute of Justice.” (p.20) • Do this by – telling about past involvement in evaluations, existence of data management systems, program maturity/stability. • If new and innovative project – provide evidence that the program model has shown promise in being effective.

  17. How will you demonstrate effectiveness? • 1. “Discuss the significance of the program’s impact to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system.”

  18. Effectiveness- con’t. • 2. For each performance measure describe: • What data will be collected • How it will be collected • How it will be assessed/analyzed • The process for reporting the findings and outcomes, which will measure the impact of the proposed efforts

  19. Performance Measures – required(p 12): • # of jobs retained due to Recovery Act • # of jobs created due to Recovery Act • % of essential services maintained w/out disruption • % increase of essential services • # of collaborative partnerships established to avoid reductions in essential services and duplication

  20. Performance Measures – con’t (p. 14): • In order to reduce violence or improve services: • % of planned initiatives implemented • % of individuals who completed (intended) programming • Costs savings as a result of new initiative implemented (non grant $’s before the initiative vs. non grant $’s after the initiative)

  21. Performance Measures – cont. • Can also add additional measurements if needed or will further enhance your grant. • Remember – make them measureable and realistic

  22. Impact – con’t: • Outline a project timeline – will be further defined in Attachment 4 • Include strategy for sustaining the project when federal funding ends, including plan for sustaining personnel hired, and innovative approaches to maximize your programs impact and cost-effectiveness

  23. Quick Review… • I. Program Abstract • II. Program Narrative • Statement of Problem • Program Design and Implementation • Capabilities/Competencies • Impact/Outcomes, Sustainment, Performance Measures

  24. Onto Budget! • But first… BREAK! 10 minutes…

  25. III. Budget and Budget Narrative (attachment 3) • May use your own budget format but must contain all required info. • Must include funding under travel for 2 staff to attend 2 DOJ grant meetings – one in DC and one in “region” • Budget detail worksheet available at: • Looks like this…

  26. Budget Narrative • Again, there is a form provided but you can use your own • • Do not have to include a narrative with this form (?) • Looks something like this…

  27. Budget Worksheet Complete the budget worksheet, with computations. (Note: Fields expand in size as data and text is entered.) A. Personnel ______ B. Fringe Benefits ___________ C. Travel ___________ D. Equipment ___________

  28. IV. Project Timeline and Position Descriptions (Attachment 4) • “Applicants must attach a project timeline with each project goal, related objective, activity, expected completion date, and responsible person or organization.” • No page limited for this section

  29. Examples: Project Timeline • GOAL: To expand NOVA’s capacity in Bucks County to provide early outreach and services to the underserved population of victims of sexual violence who are experiencing substance abuse concerns. Objectives: 1. To develop 2,000 outreach materials and disseminate them to a minimum of 5 substance abuse agencies by September, 2008. • Director of Client Services will review research current brochures in PA on substance abuse and SA issues as well as gather data for a brochure by June 2008 • Director of Client Services will develop a draft of a brochure and give it to the Associate Director for review by July 2008 and • Final brochure will be completed by August 2008 and the Director of Client Services will take it to the printer by August 2008 • Director of Client Services will distribute the brochure to 5 substance abuse agencies in September 2008

  30. Examples: • Project Timeline – Could also use a chart

  31. Job Descriptions and Resumes: • Include job descriptions for ALL positions applicant will fund under this grant • Provide resumes of any staff already identified

  32. Additional Requirements • Listed on page 21 and found on • Scan signed certifications and submit files electronically (found in Appendix, p.23): • Certification as to Recovery Act Reporting Requirements • General Certification as to Requirements for Receipt of Funds for Infrastructure Investments • If funded, will need to show prove of 501-C-3 Status

  33. Repository of Grants • Survey – would it help to see other grants from PCCD? • If yes, what topics? • Discussion regarding other types of grants currently available

  34. Contact Info • Ray Moneta – 717-265-8728, • Kathy Bennett – 215-343-6543, • Barbara Clark – 215-343-6543,