s w e e t s a n d t r e a t s n.
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S w e e t s a n d T r e a t s PowerPoint Presentation
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S w e e t s a n d T r e a t s

S w e e t s a n d T r e a t s

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S w e e t s a n d T r e a t s

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  1. Sweets and Treats By: Lana Davidenko

  2. Once upon a time there was a little panda with a dream to try all the candy in the whole world. But he knew that it would be very hard to do that because he was way too tiny to do it. But he still kept believing. Panda’s Parents Panda’s Home

  3. Once the explorers came to the jungle to find new things and they came upon the little Panda’s village. At first the little Panda was very scared of them but then the explorers took him and his parents into their base. The explorers were very nice to them and gave them food, they gave the little Panda some cookies and milk and that was the first candy that he ever tried, and his journey in the world of sweets began. Cookies and milk.

  4. The explorers flew the panda over to a very strange but friendly place called the zoo. He was very happy to meet knew friends along the way 0one of them was Silly the seal he came all the way from Antarctica and he said that there they have a very interesting sweet called the ice cream it was very delicious and the panda wanted to try it very much. So one day in the zoo it was very hot so the zoo keepers gave the panda to drink and it was milk like no other it was frozen! So since he lived right next to Silly the Seal he asked if that was ice cream and he said that yes it was. From that day the Panda felt very good and happy because one more of his goals was reached.

  5. The winter time started and the Panda felt very cold and sad because he had no one to cuddle with. But the very nice zoo keepers gave him an interesting treat called the hot chocolate and the Panda liked it very much because it kept him warm through the cold times

  6. Now over the years the Panda grew up and became known for his dream he tried almost all the sweets in the world but he still has some more to go. Lets hope that the Panda can finally make his dream come true. Sweets that that he tried. The treats that he tried