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creative movement dance activity for preschoolers PowerPoint Presentation
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creative movement dance activity for preschoolers

creative movement dance activity for preschoolers

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creative movement dance activity for preschoolers

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  1. Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience refers to the way in which stimuli experienced in the environment are transformed by a mediating agent, usually a parent, teacher, sibling, or other intentioned person in the life of the learner. This mediating agent, guided by intention, culture and emotional investment; selects, enhances, focuses, and otherwise organizes the world of stimuli for the learner, basis a clear intention and goals for that learner’s enhanced and effective functioning. critical thinking education and assessment Through this process, the learner acquires behaviour patterns, awareness’s and strategies that in turn become important ingredients in the capacity to be modified by further direct exposure to stimuli. The consequence of the imposition of the mediator is to enable the learner to incorporate a great variety of orientations and strategies into his/her/behavioural repertoire, which become crystallized in strategies for learning, and constitute the prerequisites for higher order mental operations. critical thinking activities for preschoolers . A work shop on Mediated Learning Experience was conducted by Dr. Mandia Mentis on the 11 and 12 March’16 in Chennai . Dr. Mandia Mentis is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Education at Massey University, New Zealand, where she coordinates the national Postgraduate Special Education program. Her teaching and research interests include dynamic assessment, cognitive education and e-learning. Her work with the Feuerstein methods spans more than 25 years, as a practitioner, trainer and researcher in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I along with the members curriculum team of GAIT had the opportunity to attend the workshop. The workshop’s topics on Day One were centred around Modifiablity through mediated learning. Which in essence spoke of techniques of Feurestein’s Mediated Learning Experience and how to use MLE to bring about positive changes in learning and thinking. We had insight about Passive acceptance vs Active modifiability. We also learnt how intelligence can be modified through MLE. The entire workshop was an experiential programme based on the cinquins of the MLE .Day two of the work shop touched upon the various metacognitive process that help learners become active and independent learners. Identification of cognitive functions or thinking task to overcome difficulties. An indepth insight into the mental process of a child namely input, elaboration and output phase. In each

  2. phase the expected problems that a child can face in any situation was understood via an interactive session. Over the two days we had the opportunity to learn and practice the 12 criteria of mediated learning and apply these to formal and informal learning situations along with designing activities to enhance thinking skills in the classroom