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Fairy tale. The fishes PowerPoint Presentation
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Fairy tale. The fishes

Fairy tale. The fishes

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Fairy tale. The fishes

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  1. Fairy tale. The fishes Fairy Tale:The Mighty Tank By: Noah By Noah Fairy tale. The fishe

  2. The Characters: • The fishes names are Zero, Tank and Monty. • Here is what the fish look like. •

  3. What will the characters be like? • Tank is a talking shark that sings and wears a hat. • Zero is a talking fish that likes math, and social studies. • Monty is a beta fish that likes to play baseball!

  4. Tank’s Fish hood • Tank is a killer shark. He was born in 1999 in the Pacific Ocean. Tank has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. • Tank lost his parents when he was three after they were captured by Pirates and taken to the Atlantic Ocean. • Tank searched for his parents alone for years, but could not find them. So, his friends Monty, Tank and Zero helped Tank look for his parents.

  5. The journey • Tanks parents names are Jerry and Flip. All that Tank could remember about them was that his father was black and red and loved to sing, and his mother was blue and gray and loved to dance • Tank and his friends searched for his parents, under the coral, at their old house, their favorite fish restaurant called “Fish bones” and could not find them. • Tank contacted the fish detectives for help, and they looked every where and asked all of the other sharks if they had seen them and no one knew where they were.

  6. Entering the Atlantic Ocean • Tank vowed to look everyday for his parents in the Atlantic Ocean. • Tank met some new friends named Bob, and Jag. The new friends loved to play soccer and baseball. So they all decided to play a baseball game and take a break from their search. • Tank asked his new friends about his parents and Jag told him about a singing shark and a female shark who loved to dance.

  7. Family Reunites • Tank was really excited and asked Jag where he could find them, and Jag told him that they were at Sea World performing on stage. • Tank and his friends thought about how to get to Sea World, since they could not drive, so they saw a boat, and asked the driver to take them to Sea World so he could find his parents and the man agreed. • How they got reunited was on the way to Sea World they looked down at the big pool and found Tank’s parents Flip and Jimmy! And they could her the fathers voice, because the father is a good singer.And went up to his father and asked is your name jimmy

  8. Pictures of Tanks family

  9. Where it takes place • Right now the are in the Pacific ocean and the trying to go to the Atlantic ocean Their afraid to go because the might get eating or captured. But tank said if we swim fast! We wont get eating. Or captured • But Monty and zero are still scared to go.

  10. What modern day problem will the main character have? • The modern day problem is that the main character lost his parents and was trying to find them.

  11. How will the problem be solved? • The problem will be solved by Tank searching for his parents.

  12. What is the setting? • The story takes place in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Sea World.

  13. Events happen that cannot happen in real life. • Fish cannot talk • Fish cannot sing or dance • Fish cannot do math or social studies • Fish cannot play sports

  14. A hero or heroine has a problem to solve. • The hero is tank because he saved his parents.

  15. Fairies or other make-believe characters appear. • When Tank zero and Monty. • And they met new friends fishy and Bob.

  16. Resources • ttp://

  17. There is a happy ending. • Yes, there is a happy ending because tank Monty and Zero found Tanks parents. • And because they are gona go to Florida and have a good time • And because the fishermen is gona leave Tank Zero Monty Jerry an Flip alone

  18. That’s my fairy tale THE END