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ಌ Becoming a Master Student ! ಌ PowerPoint Presentation
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ಌ Becoming a Master Student ! ಌ

ಌ Becoming a Master Student ! ಌ

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ಌ Becoming a Master Student ! ಌ

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  1. ಌBecoming a Master Student!ಌ By:ಌGurmeen the amazing unicornಌ

  2. ಌWhat Type of Learner am I?ಌ

  3. ಌWhat Type of Learner am I? ಌ • This showed that I was: • 75% linguistic • 38% logical-mathematical • 33% visual-spatial • 50% intrapersonal • 63% interpersonal • 69% musical • 75% bodily-kinesthetic • 58% naturalistic

  4. ಌTime Managementಌ

  5. ಌTime Managementಌ • Throughout the day I do a variety of different things • I spend the first half of my day at school which equals up to 6 hours • I spend an hour exercising in school and outside. • I spend roughly about an hour in personal care/grooming • 0.5 in family commitments • 0.5 in transportation from school and back • 0.5 in meal preparation • I love to sleep so I spend about 7 hours doing that • 2.5 hours relaxing, watching TV and playing video games etc. • I spend 3 hours socializing • And the rest that’s left of my day which is 2 hours I spend doing other things • This is my day.

  6. ಌStudy No No’sಌ • Study No No's • I like to listen to music and I always study while sitting on my bed but those two aren't good things to do while studying just like drinking coffee isn't good either. • Listening to music distracts the brain from fully focusing • however, if you must listen to music, listening to a certain kind of music throughout your whole study session is good • Don't switch between different genres it distracts the brain more • Or having music without words playing at a very low volume is good and it doesn't distract the brain very much • Studying while sitting on your bed may be very comfortable and relaxing although, it may relax you too much to the point that you want to sleep • if you sleep it will cut out of your studying time and that's not good at all. • But studying on a uncomfortable chair or surface isn't good either • the uncomfortableness distracts your brain and you will keep moving around trying to find a comfortable position • that will probably take a long time and you will have very little time left to study • Find a place to study that is quiet and comfortable that isn't your bed and study away • A lot of people drink coffee to stay awake and that's good you need to stay awake to study so it's a smart idea in that sense • there's cons to this too • Coffee distracts your brain and makes you focus on other things as well • to stay hydrated and awake I suggest drinking a glass of water • Water doesn't distract you, it keeps you awake and it keeps you hydrated

  7. ಌStudy Yes Yes’ಌ

  8. ಌStudy Yes Yes’ಌ • I got 30 as my score. I may not study much but my tests are usually really good and I’m doing well in school. So it doesn’t matter as much.

  9. ಌBest Study Method for Meಌ • What is better Mind Mapping or Cornell Note-taking? • Cornell Not-Taking is better than Mind Mapping • it is neater, easier to do and doesn't take as much time • If you do the Mind Mapping your paper will be filled with lines and words that you probably will not be able to read afterwards when you start to study again • When you do the Cornell Note-Taking method you have two neat sections • one for questions/key words • one for notes with a couple of lines left at the bottom of the page • Cornell Note-Taking is way easier than Mind Mapping • you don't have to keep drawing lines and then finding space to write in •  Just in the beginning you divide the page in two and start taking notes • Mind Mapping you have to keep drawing lines everywhere • then it gets hard to find space to write the important notes in, especially if you write big and messy • You can finish your notes faster with the Cornell method and on time • You can do them right when the teacher is talking and keep up with him/her. • But again with Mind Mapping it takes a longer time to do and you won't be able to keep up with the teacher while doing it.  

  10. ಌReflectionಌ • learned a lot about myself • now know that I am linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic • I guess I had always known that but just now know it for sure • I know that I should study more to get better grades • I learned about the Cornell Note-Taking method • I will be using it when I stud • . I learned not to listen to music while studying • and to study somewhere that is quiet and isn't my bed • I learned not to drink coffee while studying; something that I always do • I also know to keep food with me so that I don’t have to get up to go eat.

  11. SUCCESS • BYE ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★HAHAHA MR.WOO I DIDN’T HAVE TO ACT IT OUT I DID IT, YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE IN ME SOME KIND OF TEACHER YOU ARE <°((()))>< <====||==| *\0/* Gurmeenisawesome.!!