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EID. The Muslim Christmas. How we celebrate?.

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  1. EID The Muslim Christmas

  2. How we celebrate? • The first day of Eid we wake up early and pray a special prayer. Then we go to the graveyard and some people bring food. We visit our dead relatives and clean the grave to show respect, pray and plant flowers. We visit each other – if you visit me then I also have to visit you. • The children recieve money or presents from their closest family – the children aren’t supposed to give any presents. • On Eid we slaughter sheep and then we eat them. That only happens in the Muslim countries – not in Denmark. • On Friday the men go to the Mosque and pray. The women are home preparing dinner and cleaning the house from top to toe. But that’s not how all women celebrate – some women have friends coming over and they just have a good time. • The women make different dishes and get ready. When the men come home we eat.

  3. Why we celebrate? • The reason we celebrate Eid is because a prophet told us, that God had told him, that all Muslims had to fast and not eat for a month to feel how the poor people, who don’t have the possibility of eating, felt. • In the old days Eid was celebrated all year in all Muslim countries. But then a prophet told the Muslims, that Eid should only be celebrated for one month. • We don’t eat from Sunrise to Sunset. • Eid is to spoil ourselves, because we have accomplished not eating for one month. • Eid is celebrated for three days. • Some people say, that the month of Ramadan is the correct month to start praying. • We pray five times a day.

  4. Every year All the Muslim get together and pray in Mecca Pictures of the Holy Mecca For the Muslim people Made by Sara, Hülya &Natali

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