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Gallagher Corporation - Custom Polyurethane Molding

Your toughest demands – delivered. Discover how Gallagher Corporation provides you with unmatched confidence in a cast custom polyurethane molding supplier.<br>

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Gallagher Corporation - Custom Polyurethane Molding

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  1. Gallagher Corporation - Custom Polyurethane Molding The only thing more amazing that polyurethane is how you use it. Gallagher collaboratively designs, precisely molds, and dependably delivers polyurethane components that improve your product’s performance.

  2. Abrasion and Wear Resistance • You will find polyurethane standing up to the harshest abrasive environments – from agriculture to mining, and from construction to oil and gas. • Polyurethane’s widespread utility comes from its elastomeric chemistry. Polyurethane’s molecular structure enables it to withstand sliding, impingement, and slurry abrasion. It resists tearing associated with sliding. And it absorbs and recovers from particle impacts seen during impingement or in slurry.

  3. Dynamic Load Bearing and Impact Resistance • You can find polyurethane carrying the load everywhere – from military vehicles to mining equipment, and from farm tractors to skateboards. • Polyurethane’s widespread utility derives from its elastomeric chemistry. Its molecular structure enables it to bear heavy loads and also to repeatedly deflect and recover to its original shape. In addition, its elasticity can absorb the force exerted by an impact or vibration.

  4. Complex Shapes and Bonding • Do you need a component with a hard-to-make shape or that has a multi-material construction? We do it all: complex shapes, from small to big, and polyurethane permanently bonded to metals, plastics, or composites. • Because we mold polyurethane while it’s in a liquid state, we can make some pretty amazing components. Click here for examples:

  5. Contact Gallagher Corporation • info@gallaghercorp.com • 3908 Morrison Drive • Gurnee, Illinois 60031 USA • 847-249-3440.

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