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Hiring Practices “ Getting it Right”

Hiring Practices “ Getting it Right”. Brenda Hammons- Assistant Superintendent brenda.hammons@corbin.kyschools.us Dave Cox – Director of Academic Programs david.cox@corbin.kyschools.us Corbin Independent. How to Select A Team Player.

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Hiring Practices “ Getting it Right”

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  1. Hiring Practices“Getting it Right” Brenda Hammons- Assistant Superintendent brenda.hammons@corbin.kyschools.us Dave Cox – Director of Academic Programs david.cox@corbin.kyschools.us Corbin Independent

  2. How to Select A Team Player

  3. It is the belief of the Corbin Independent school district that hiring the BEST teacher for the classroom is the most important variable to ensure student success. Programs and resources are important, however research clearly shows it is the teacher effect that has the most impact on student achievement.

  4. Research on Teacher Effectiveness 1 Year Percentile Point Gain

  5. List the top three characteristics you look for in hiring a teacher. Activity

  6. Teacher Characteristics • Fairness • Content Knowledge • Transcripts • Grades / GPA • PRAXIS Scores • Dispositions • Communication Skills • Verbal and Written • Correct Grammar • Knowledge of Parent Involvement Strategies • Classroom Management Techniques • Knowledge of Standards • Assessment Knowledge • Learning Targets – Formative Assessment • Instructional Strategies • Student teacher record • Portfolios • Positive References • Life Time Learner – What is the last educational book or journal? • Personal Appearance • Work Ethic • Ability to work in teams • Technology knowledge • Learning Styles • Special Education Knowledge • Writing Process

  7. K-8 Screening Committee • Central office staff are curriculum focused • Same interview for each applicant • Two phase interview process • Top candidates are provided to the school

  8. InterviewQuestions

  9. Open ended questions Tell us your philosophy on assessment and the significance of learning targets, formative assessments, and summative assessment.

  10. Content area questions focusing on curriculum strategies and best practices • You are hired as a grade ( 4) teacher in October to take over a class. The students have been used to a basal/textbook driven program. They do a lot of worksheets, reading chapters and answering questions. Some of the students are very successful but approximately 1/3 of the students are failing. Describe some of the instructional strategies that you might use to engage all students.

  11. Use of Rubrics • Can you tell us about the significance of rubrics and scoring guides and when and how you would use them in your classroom?

  12. Focus on Parent Involvement • Discuss your philosophy on parent involvement and how it affects learning. What are some strategies that you might use to develop strong parent involvement in your classroom?

  13. Performance Events Subject Specific A hands on application of a teaching scenario that is filmed.

  14. Kindergarten Performance Event K teacher – From the samples provided, select and read a large book as if you were reading to a class of kindergarten students. Design a follow up activity to support the book and give directions to the class and then stop.

  15. Middle School Science • Give candidates a core content standard and ask them to design a lesson focusing on that standard and give a ten minutes introduction to that lesson with hook to a class of students.

  16. Elementary Language Arts The candidates were asked to design a lesson introducing the writing process. Candidates were scored based on our rubric. We were looking for the student engagement (hook) and the purpose.

  17. Elementary Math Performance Event • We asked the candidates to take the grade 5 exit exam.

  18. High School Social Studies Gave candidates a copy of the Bill of Rights and fifteen minutes to select one amendment. They were then asked to design a short lesson to introduce this amendment and get the class engaged. This was taught in front of the selection committee.

  19. References • Call supervising teacher • Call college staff • Call last employer

  20. New Teacher Training • On-going support • Classroom visit – non-threatening • Training in Corbin Initiatives • One full day in summer/ six sessions during year • Instructional strategies/best practices • Long term interview process

  21. Potential Non-Renewals • Teachers that are not performing at acceptable levels. • Classroom Performance • Dispositions • Behaviors

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