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  1. SHINE ADD A Strength Based Presented by Dr. Peter Martone

  2. SHINE • Mission of our Practice • To empower and educate families toward optimal health and wellness, making Massachusetts the healthiest place to live in the country. Our Mission with SHINE To help children with ADD unwrap their potential.

  3. SHINE

  4. SHINE Beliefs


  6. SHINE Other Common Traits Difficult time planning Desire to have allot going on Poor organizing skills Problem with follow through Time Management Love beginning and end Procrastination Low tolerance for frustration Cluttered space BIOLOGY NOT LACK OF EFFORT

  7. SHINE Scratching The Itch Exercise Adrenaline producing activities Excessive activity Taking risks Arguments Taking on many tasks Natural ways childrentry to get what they need.

  8. SHINE

  9. SHINE

  10. SHINE

  11. SHINE ADD The 3 Cardinal Traits Negatives Positives Distractibility Curiosity Impulsivity Creativity Hyperactivity Energy Where you find great talent you usually find great challenge.

  12. SHINE We are not treating a DISABILITY We are unwrapping GIFTS

  13. SHINE Eat Right Metabolic Shift Neural Integrated Movements Move Right Be Right Neural Efficiencies

  14. SHINE Neural Efficiencies Improved performance of the central nervous system

  15. SHINE Pre-Frontal Cortex Vermis Controls Frontal Cortex Developed By Proprioception Spinal- Cerebellar Tracks BUILDS THE BRAKES Executive Function Most Developed Area THE BRAKES

  16. SHINE ADJUSTMENTS Improves the function of the VERMIS Vermis BUILDS THE BRAKES

  17. SHINE • Neurological Pillars • Atlas & Sacral Alignments • Balance Hemispherisity • Building The Vermis • Break Up Old Neural Patterns

  18. SHINE Neural Integrated Movements Specific exercises to focus on brain development

  19. SHINE

  20. SHINE Exercises will focus on building R & L connection

  21. SHINE Right Hemispherisity or WEAK RIGHT BRAIN Lt Dom Clumsy Behavior Impulsive Incredible Loving Behavior Extreme Friendliness Lack ability to connect with others Over eager in social situations Lack empathy Super picky eaters Fussy with texture and color Provides your breaks Adrenaline junkie Risk takers Always interjecting in a conversation A difficult time waiting Poor Autonomic control Stomach aches Immune over responders (Allergies)

  22. SHINE Left Hemispherisity or WEAK LEFT BRAIN Rt. Dominant Bad fine motors Don’t draw well Don’t whistle well Hard Time breast feeding Struggle with Math Spelling/Science Trouble with short term memory Struggle with expression Shy Lack motivation Trouble starting VERY Intuitive Higher rate of infections

  23. SHINE • Physical Pillars • Balance • Coordination • Proprioception • Meditation & Relaxation

  24. SHINE Metabolic Shift Relationship between GI and Brain

  25. SHINE • GI is the second brain • Enteric Nervous System more neurons then in the brain • The GI track uses all of the Nero-transmitters the brain uses • Right brain deficit linked to digestive problems. • Gluten/Soy/Dairy causes leaky gut. • 60% of all children with ADHD have gluten sensitivity

  26. SHINE Pillars of Nutrition • -Leaky Gut Syndrome • Toxic Diet • Auto Immune System • Rt Brain Development • Gluten Free • 60 % have Gluten Sensitivity • Effect the function of Right Brain Function (BREAKS) • Bloating, stomach pains, constipation, diarrhea • REMOVE for 1 month

  27. SHINE Pillars of Nutrition • Essential Fatty Acid (Omega 3) • Omega 3 are what we are most deficient in (80% def) • 60% of the mass of the brain is made of Omega 3 • EPA/DHA sources that we use (fish or animal source) • Plant based we have to convert to EPA/DHA to use • They are involved in allowing the brain to work correctly (neurotransmitters) • Probiotics • 15-20 billion per day • DAIRY DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH. • Healthy bacteria in GI track • Critical in brain development

  28. SHINE Pillars of Nutrition • Blood sugar problems • Abnormal sway of blood sugar (reactive hypoglycemia or insulin resistance) • RH.. Thin goes hours with out eating • Eat many meals • IR.. Overweight, Carb Junkie • Eat more fruits and veggies • Inability to get the sugar in the cell causes a STRESS response • Remove Starches out of the diet.

  29. SHINE • Nutritional Pillars • Gluten Free • Sugar Management • Improved GI Probiotics • Omega 3’s

  30. SHINE • Physical Pillars • Balance • Coordination • Proprioception • Meditation/Relaxation • Nutritional Pillars • Gluten Free • Sugar Management • Improve GI Probiotics • Omega 3’s • Neurological Pillars • Atlas & Sacral Alignments • Balance Hemispherisity • Building The Vermis • Break Up Old Neural Patterns

  31. SHINE End Of the Program Behavioral Rating Scales Make Better Decision Be able to Complete a task Be able to Complete homework Better relationships at home and school Enhanced social skills Done By Teachers and Parents and a Family Member