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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

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  1. Customer Relationship Management CRM- How to Make it An Organizational Priority Southern Institute Conference May 23, 2013; 1:30 – 3 p.m.

  2. CRM - Definition Is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

  3. Current State (5) Full Integration (4) Partial Integration (3) Modest Integration (2) Purchased (1) Purchased What? How is your United Way Using CRM?

  4. CRM Practical • Listen • Alignment • Connect • Evaluate

  5. Key Examples • Amway – One by One Campaign • Century A&E – Reading Corner • Wolverine Worldwide – Get Fit • UWW – “Read Learn Succeed” • United Way Worldwide and Regional Global Corporations

  6. Key Examples Amway Corporation “One by One Campaign for Children”

  7. The Amway One by One Campaign for Children is a movement that spans 10 years and has helped 10 million children. Amway and its millions of distributors and employees around the world identify the most pressing issues, then find meaningful ways to help and mobilize others. Amway One by One projects and stories are as unique as the company itself.

  8. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - In 1989, Amway responded to a challenge to “adopt” an inner-city school near Grand Rapids, Michigan, near its headquarters. The idea was to focus the company’s resources on a small population, and bring generosity and volunteerism to scale. The Amway commitment outlasted the adoption program, and years later, Amway employees are still increasing their commitment to the public schools. From tutoring … to book drives … to pen pals … to field days … to career days … to anti-bullying training … to Junior Achievement instruction … Amway employees are involved in big and small ways. They even lend their expertise in the area of entrepreneurship through a special partnership with the Ottawa Hills High – School of Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, which means Amway has a continuum of support, from kindergarten to graduation. Through Amway, its employees and distributors, the Amway One by One Campaign for Children is making a difference, one child at a time.

  9. Key Examples Century A&E – Reading Corner

  10. Key Examples Wolverine Worldwide – Get Fit UWW – “Read Learn Succeed”

  11. Wolverine Worldwide Co-Branding with Wolverine Worldwide Merrell Brands Get Active! Born Learning Refreshed

  12. Global Journey • Steelcase Corporation & Local United Way • Annual Gifts will Decrease - $25K/annually • Need to Invest Globally

  13. Steelcase

  14. Key Questions What is our ultimate role with local companies? Leverage Resources ($ & Volunteer) Connect Resources to Local Needs Add Value to Their Corporate Community Interests Other All Above

  15. Key Products What products do we offer? Pledge Processing Volunteer Connection Issue Awareness Issue Impact through Key Strategic Solutions Global Reach Co-Branding Other All Above

  16. Expanding the Horizon • Researched “Who Else” • 15 Global Companies in Region • Discussion with Neighboring United Ways • Engaged United Way Worldwide • Meeting Host - Steelcase

  17. United Way Worldwide If you are interested in providing a tax-deductible donation to a charitable entity (non-profits, orphanages, schools, universities) outside of the United States, United Way Worldwide offers the International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG) one of the most RELIABLE, SAFE & FLEXIBLE international grant giving programs in the world. United Way Worldwide International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG)

  18. United Way Worldwide General Charitable Operations Grants Specific Project Grants Due Diligence, including Anti-terrorism Vetting Outputs and Outcomes-based Reporting A Simple Fee Structure Access to UW network in 40 countries United Way Worldwide International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG)

  19. FACTS Grant Processing • 1 week • 8 weeks • 16 weeks Appeal to Donors • Tax deduction • Personalized Services • Investment Protected Program Time Line • 5 years • 7 years • 13 years United Way Worldwide International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG)

  20. Meeting Logistics June 25th Hosted by Steelcase UWW Showcase Skype with Global UW’s Respond to Questions & Comments United Way Worldwide International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG)

  21. Track Record 700 Grants/Year $30MM Annually 100 Countries United Way Worldwide International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG)

  22. Build Your Own Plan Select A Company What is their Community Focus Corporate Demographics/Resources Your Impact Priorities Create a Match Build a Plan Make Your Pitch Compelling Case Short Term & Long Term Results Celebrate Success & Monitor Results Joint Marketing Continual Evaluation

  23. Plan Processing What Worked Aha’s Additional Information Your Next Steps

  24. Take A-Ways

  25. Maureen Noe President/CEO Heart of West Michigan United Way Land: (616) 752-8620 Cell: (513) 607-2020