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Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns PowerPoint Presentation
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Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns

Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns

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Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns

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  1. “Eco-Friendly Artificial Lawns”

  2. GardenMark Landscape Solutions is an Industry Leader for “Artificial Grass” and “Artificial Lawns” A.K.A. “Artificial Turf”. It has always focused on innovations to create new products.

  3. “Synthetic Grass” or “Fake Grass” has been around for quite long now and is being used in the form of “Synthetic Turf” and “Artificial Lawns” at various places like residential & commercial complexes and sports arenas.

  4. The first thought that crosses any one’s mind is that “How can anything that is Artificial be Eco-Friendly?” The thought itself can be quite contradictory. Isn’t It?

  5. So Let Us Find Out “How Can Your Artificial Lawn Be Eco-Friendly?”

  6. The best thing about Artificial Grass or Artificial Lawns is that it is made up of Plastic. • This means that you do not have to water them everyday. This obviously means that you are saving one of the most Important Natural Resource on the Planet – “Water”.

  7. Usage of Synthetic Turf in Australia alone leads to a saving of millions of gallons of water every year. • The water table has been depleting continuously throughout the globe and if sufficient measures are not taken for conserving water, there will be “A Desert Everywhere”.

  8. When you consider using a Natural Grass Lawn, the first thing that you have to worry about is the irrigation facilities, i.e. the water supply system, the sprinkler system, etc. that would be required to ensure that your lawn always looks “Green and Fresh”.

  9. With an Artificial Lawn laid for landscaping your home or office, you can rest assured to always have a “Green and Fresh” looking lawn. • What’s more is that you do not have to worry about the “Water”. • Add on top of it no hassles of maintenance and no safety issues.

  10. Sounds Interesting ? • Then what are you waiting for? • Go Ahead and find out about your Eco-Friendly Grass options on : •