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Experience the advantages of being an Executive PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience the advantages of being an Executive

Experience the advantages of being an Executive

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Experience the advantages of being an Executive

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  1. Experience the advantages of being an Executive

  2. Benefits ... Family owned & operated since its inception Decisions are people-based – not based on the demands of Wall Street An environment focused on you – and your success A Strong History Keeps you in control of your business • Challenged the traditional real estate model that kept Realtors® from exercising and benefiting from their full value • Innovative approach created the first Realtor® focused environment • Helped Realtors® maximize their income by earning 100% of their commission and by only paying their share of expenses • This environment was naturally attractive to the best talent Site Map

  3. Our brand promise and the pillars that support it are the heart of our company. They are our guiding principles and keep Realty Executives focused on supporting and promoting the success of our Executives. Our Brand Pillars: • Innovative, Entrepreneurial Spirit • Trusted and Effective Advocate • Uniquely Personalized Experience • Connected, Caring Family Our Brand Promise Site Map

  4. 4 -Tier Support System • Our system is designed to support Executives with the right leadership, resources and powerful tools – at each and every level of our organization. • This bottom-up approach provides keys to success in strategically defined key areas – which are then created & customized for each level and integrated at each level to achieve maximum results. Benefits This cohesive, integrated approach and effectiveness at all levels: • Assures that each end every member of our company is supported • Builds upon each other to multiply and provide exponential results. Site Map

  5. International Leadership & Support At Realty Executives International, our staff exists for one purpose: to provide service and support to our Executives. Our leadership team is in the business for YOUR prosperity – period. You are the center of our business. Your best interests are at the forefront of every decision. The moment we stop looking through your eyes, is the moment we cease to be Realty Executives. Compare that to companies whose mission is to maximize shareholder profit. We cut through the bureaucratic lines to capture opportunities, solve problems and achieve results that best serve you. In today’s rapidly evolving real estate industry, our leadership team understands the value of being in both coaching and learning mode to continuously support you in adapting to the changing marketplace. The International team is dedicated to providing services like marketing solutions, business planning expertise -- and much, much more -- to help ensure the success of our Executives. We closely monitor industry and technology trends so that Realty Executives can remain on the leading edge of the real estate business. Whether it’s help with email or website questions or assistance developing a local marketing plan, your support system at International is only a telephone call away.  We know that our success is based on your success. The Realty Executives International Corporate Team Rich Rector President Franchise Development and Relations Bryan Brooks Executive Director of Franchise Development Communications and Education Stephanie Gross Executive Director of Professional Development & Growth Marissa Leon Director of Communications & Events Legal Jane Stegall Senior Paralegal Marketing - Brand Architects, LLC Todd Sumney Vice President of Marketing and President of Brand Architects, LLC Site Map

  6. Benefits ... Help with: • RE: connect and all its components • RE: executive access • RE: mobile connect • RE: web connect • Setting up your “YOU page” • Website assistance and training • Assistance with Social Media • And more… Marketing Services Associate (MSA) Support Your Realty Executives International Marketing Services Associate (MSA) understands real estate marketing and is trained to assist you in your marketing efforts. Extremely knowledgeable about each and every tool, service and marketing program that we offer, you will receive training and information – so you can then do it on your own. Regularly scheduled webinars are offered and online handbooks are available to help further your success in the real estate market. Consider your International MSA as an “in-house” marketing expert to help and support you with your marketing. Site Map

  7. NOTE: PLEASE CUSTOMIZE FOR YOUR REGION Regional Leadership Realty Executives has major prominence in our own Local Association of Realtors® through a strong history of involvement, support, sponsorship and advertising over many years. This keeps our company name and awareness in the news and in front of the consumer – and in front of our partners and fellow professionals in the industry – all of which benefits our Executives and their Broker/Owners  Our involvement includes Broker/Owners and Executives serving on committees, holding association offices and membership positions Site Map

  8. NOTE: PLEASE CUSTOMIZE FOR YOUR REGION Local Charities & Community Involvement At Realty Executives, we are committed to community involvement and are proud to be affiliated with many local charities. Most notably, our Homes-from-the-Heart program with Habitat for Humanity has donated millions of dollars and has built new homes for those in need all over North America. In addition, organizations such as the Make-A-Wish® Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and other local charities have all been recipients of support and generous giving from our Executives – nationally and here in our own local region. We are forever grateful and so proud to be able to help so many in our communities. Site Map

  9. Benefits … Increased lead opportunities for our Executives Efficient, informative searches for your customers Quick and accurate dissemination of information International Website The strategy behind is based on our understanding that to be truly effective, technology needs to drive traffic and awareness not only to Executives’ listings, but to Executives themselves. That’s why we’ve created the consumer-focused Realty Executives International website featuring a multi-MLS property search, individual listing pages and a new complementary public profile page for all Executives called the “You Page”. The “You Page” is designed specifically to optimize your organic search ranking; therefore generating more business by making you more accessible online. The Realty Executives International website is also the site where you can log into Executive Access, Realty Executives’ secure Executive portal. Site Map

  10. Benefits … Increased lead opportunities for our Executives Efficient, informative searches for your customers Quick and accurate dissemination of information Regional Website • Home listings & maps • Locations & contact information • Office & Executive information • Buyer/Seller resources & links • Relocation assistance & information • Company history & information • Press coverage & industry news • Videos, commercials and advertisements • Executive Access – Realty Executives’ secure Executive portal Site Map

  11. Realty Executives equips our Executives with all the materials, tools, technology and resources that they need to succeed. RE: connectTM is a suite of tools, all within one easy-to-use dashboard, designed to help you connect with – and manage – your prospects and contacts. When you login to the RE: connectTM dashboard, you’ll find; RE: executive accessTM, RE: web connectTM, RE: mobile connectTM, And – coming soon – our lead manager RE: customer connectTM. In order to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing technologies, Realty Executives International continually develops state-of-the-art business tools and resources. From the state-of-the-art RE: connectTM— which allows you to streamline your business — to the Print Marketing Center, Complete Marketing Suite with advanced Customer Relationship Marketing System technologies, SEO-enriched website, branded email account, PR resources, as well as your Marketing Services Associate (MSA), you will run circles around your competitors as you work on your business, not in it. Site Map

  12. Benefits ... 24-hour access to information, resources and special programs One-button access to technology tools and partner websites Rotating home-page content keeps you up-to-date on communications from Realty Executives International RE: executive accessTM is our proprietary, FREE Executive toolbox of resources, information, tools and programs designed to maximize your success – accessible anytime and from anywhere. When you login to RE: executive accessTM, you have access to: • Your YOU Profile and Referral Profile • Executive Resources • Your Referral Network • Video Tutorial Center • Online Education • Training & Education Center • Online webinar calendar • Industry & Regional Meeting Information • KnowledgePoint™ Online Learning & Sharing Library • Free Marketing Downloads: Branded Ad Templates, Graphics, Logos and more • Free Branded Listing Presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote for iPad • Free Branded Materials For Download • Free Business Planning Materials & Worksheets • Registered Supplier Search Matrix • Access to Preferred Partners & Special Discount Programs • Professional Development Services • Company & Industry Information and Updates ... And More! Site Map

  13. Benefits ... Easy-to-use console Build a web presence on a customizable blogging platform Customers search multiple MLS’s right from the Executive’s website RE: web connectTM helps the Executive build a web presence on a customizable blogging platform while giving customers the ability to search multiple MLS’s right from the Executive’s website. • Executive Website • Multi-MLS Property Search • Huge SEO Indexed Page Count • Website Management Console • Referral Network • Lead Capture • WordPress Blog Platform • Social Media Bookmarking & Sharing • Widget Library Site Map

  14. Benefits ... State-of-the-art mobile marketing technology Connects the consumer to relevant listing information using simple text, voice or smartphone scanning technology You, the Executive, automatically receive the lead information – all you have to do is follow up! RE: mobile connectTM immediately connects the consumer to all the relevant information for any real estate listing through simple text, voice or scanning with smartphone technology. • Voice/Call Information Distribution • Text Information Distribution • Tag Information Distribution • Auto Lead Capture • Voice/Text/Tag Management Console • Virtual Tour Builder • Automated YouTube Tour Uploader • Outbound Mobile Drip Marketing • SmartSignTM Riders & Hangers • Unlimited Tag Creation Site Map

  15. RE: customer connectTM will be the one-stop platform for leads and lead-management, customer search activity and drip marketing – all from from various lead sources. Coming Soon! Site Map

  16. Benefits ... Access to a large library of customizable Realty Executives branded items Easy to use and effective Executive Edge Print Marketing Center An online print marketing system where you’ll find hundreds of personal marketing items that can easily be customized and sent to print – business cards, listing flyers, postcards, letterhead and more. Site Map

  17. Executive Edge Complete Marketing Suite Need more than an online print center? This complete, private-labeled, customer relationship marketing product is designed to help manage contacts and regularly market a sphere of influence online. More than 3,000 templates are available – many of them exclusively branded for Realty Executives. Includes postcards, business cards, listing flyers, listing presentations, email promotions and more. Site Map

  18. Benefits ... Brand Architects can... • Create custom and specialized advertising campaigns • Provide you with full-service marketing agency capabilities including graphic design, production coordination, and more • Provide highly competitive pricing for your advertising and marketing needs In-House, Full-Service Ad Agency Realty Executives International supports the entire Realty Executives family by providing access to its very own full-service, in-house, advertising, marketing and graphic design firm. For years, the leadership of Brand Architects has been designing and implementing effective system-wide marketing and branding projects for Realty Executives International. With a singular focus – the Realty Executives brand – this innovative team can help you leverage your brand locally, and at a competitive price. Site Map

  19. Benefits ... Automatically enrolled as a member – just by being an Executive Provides complete, inbound and/or outbound referral services worldwide Will completely manage the referral for you Allows you to increase your business reach, open new opportunities and provide the ability to build valuable business relationships Referral Network Realty Executives Referral Service is an excellent alternative to placing a referral directly, enabling you to increase your income and strengthen your business by extending your personal network across town, across the country or around the world. Site Map

  20. Executive Referral Directory Gold $249.00/year A Gold Listing includes: • Priority listing at the TOP of all search results in rotation with other GOLD package subscribers • 1” X 8” customized listing area to enter your own personalized message • The ability to upload a photo of your choice • A two-line, bold, eye-catching heading • Complete searchable listing of your contact information, designations, interests, areas of professional expertise and office address information • A live e-mail and web site link Silver $149.00/year A Silver Listing includes: • Listing displayed immediately following GOLD subscribers in rotation with other SILVER package subscribers • 1” X 8” customized listing area to enter your own personalized message • The ability to upload a photo of your choice. • A one-line, eye-catching heading. • Complete searchable listing of your contact information, designations, interests, areas of professional expertise and office address information • A live e-mail and web site link Bronze $49.00/year A Bronze Listing includes: • Listing displayed immediately following GOLD and SILVER subscribers in rotation with other BRONZE package subscribers • 1” X 8” customized listing area to enter your own personalized message • Complete searchable listing of your contact information, designations, interests, areas of professional expertise and office address information • A live email link Site Map

  21. Benefits ... Realty Executives International’s broad reach and global community network enable you to connect with other Executives, share best practices and access help from around the world Referrals Larger footprint – advantage in listing presentations Our Global Network More Economies of Scales Explosive growth has led to our increasing presence throughout North America and the world – yielding tremendous opportunities for Executives. Site Map

  22. Professional Development No matter what stage you are at in your real estate career, we give you multiple avenues to better yourself, develop new and improved skills, or learn from those around you. Our Meetings Department is constantly improving our meetings, events and training. Periodic regional meetings and conferences will provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and a platform to help keep you up to date with your colleagues throughout the system. Executives will enjoy learning what is working for their peers throughout the world! Site Map

  23. Benefits ... An aggressively leveraged national Institutional Marketing budget enables us to reach the most consumers and Realtors® as possible. Institutional Marketing The Realty Executives International Marketing & Advertising Department creates and produces imaginative andcompelling branded advertising campaigns for industry publications like REALTOR®and Real Estatemagazine. News marketing, outdoor, internet and print advertising is conducted on your behalf through the Realty Executives International Institutional Marketing Fund. Our goal to shift advertising to be more “Executive-centric” is evidenced by the advertising efforts shown in the following slides. In addition, major branding campaigns continue to grow the brand awareness of Realty Executives. Site Map

  24. National Advertisements Marketing is all about creating perceived value. Site Map

  25. Regional Advertisements The Realty Executives brand creates perceived value for you, our Executives. Site Map

  26. NOTE: PLEASE CUSTOMIZE FOR YOUR REGION Local Advertisements The Realty Executives brand creates perceived value for you, our Executives. Site Map

  27. OPTIONAL SLIDE IF YOU DO NOT CUSTOMIZED EXAMPLES Local Advertisements The Realty Executives brand creates perceived value for you, our Executives. Site Map

  28. Billboards Site Map

  29. Benefits ... Executives’ names are prominently displayed on property signage, resulting in more double-sided deals Signs, Logos & Other Branding There is no greater sales tool than a brand that stands for integrity, character, trust and experience. The Realty Executives brand resonates trust, and increases the effectiveness of our Executives. And our Executives benefit from this reputation of excellence. Site Map

  30. Benefits ... Marketing of existing loan programs designed for teachers Creates new business for Executives Creates new business for your mortgage and title affiliates Niche Marketing – HOMEWORKS™ Creates new press opportunities Teachers want to buy homes near their work, but generally can’t because of income constraints They are generally unaware of the loan programs available to them Realty Executives developed the HOMEWORKS™ Program to help teachers find housing in the community where they teach Site Map

  31. Benefits ... Advertising, marketing and web templates for luxury listings Access to upscale signage to match listings Luxury Marketing Marketing luxury properties is indeed a specialty embraced by many of our top-producing associates. Executives can differentiate their luxury listings within the marketplace and capitalize on this lucrative niche market. Site Map

  32. Regional Events Regional Training Meetings As we all know, the real estate industry moves at a much faster pace than it used to, in part, due to the rapid growth and advancements in the information and technology sectors. Because of this, Regional Developers find it imperative to congregate and keep their community of Broker/Owners and their Executives consistently informed. At regional training meetings, Regional Developers gather together Executives, Brokers and Franchisees for two reasons: • Provide news and information regarding national, regional and local real estate • Provide hands-on training for products, tools and services for new or updated initiatives One-on-One Training On occasion your International support team will travel to specific offices and train the Executives of your entire team. Whether that be on new initiatives or existing programs, there are always enhancements to keep you in-the-know. Some of the topics for that one-on-one training often include: • Marketing & Advertising updates • Technology Tools • RE: connect and all its components • RE: executive access • RE: mobile connect • RE: web connect • Executive Edge • Communications • Business Tools • And more… Site Map

  33. Benefits ... • There are no participation requirements and NO COBRA issues • Each participant chooses the benefits best suited for their needs • Many affordable options – from prescription-only coverage to full-service with dental included • Accessible • Portable Benefit Protect The insurance coverage you want – and need Easy | Affordable | Accessible | Customized | Major Medical | Limited Medical Disability Insurance | Prescription Drug Insurance Critical Illness Insurance | Accident Insurance I Life Insurance | Dental Insurance Site Map

  34. Benefits ... Guaranteed to be recognized & commented on An amount equal to .02% of all charges are rebated back to the Realty Executives Institutional Marketing fund and will be used to further build further brand awareness Credit Card Program With the Realty Executives VISA Signature credit card with WorldPoints Rewards from Bank of America, experience unprecedented rewards and features: • No annual fee and competitive low rates • Earn one point for every $1 in net retail purchases • A world-class rewards program that lets you earn an unlimited number of points, redeemable for: travel on major U.S. airlines with no blackout dates; cash rewards; brand-name merchandise from Sony®, Bose®, KitchenAid®, Waterford®, Nikon®, Callaway® and other leading companies; gift cards from top retailers (some restrictions may apply) Site Map

  35. Realty Executives International has developed relationships with external companies that have invested in creating branded and customized tools and services for Realty Executives. These companies work directly with Realty Executives International to develop cutting edge solutions in a number of areas including electronic Client Relationship Management, on-demand printing, and branded home protection plans. Our Alliance Partners also help to support the ongoing education and marketing efforts of Realty Executives International so that we can continually provide you with the best tools to help you grow your real estate business. Alliances Site Map

  36. Realty Executives International has negotiated discounts to save you money throughout the year! These discount programs feature exclusive savings for our Executives from communications providers, hotels, car rental services, shipping companies, business supply retailers, and more! Discount Programs Site Map

  37. One of the advantages of affiliation with a large, international company is increased buying power, as exemplified by our Registered Supplier Program. These preferred vendors, many of whom offer special pricing or programs for Realty Executives associates, meet strict corporate criteria for quality assurance in their innovative products and services. The extensive Registered Supplier matrix is available on Executive Access. Registered Suppliers Site Map

  38. Experience the advantages of being an Executive NOTE: PLEASE CUSTOMIZE WITH YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION TO COMPLETE THE RECRUITING PROCESS Next Step… Complete the Executive Application