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Give Yourself The Coolest Effect With Aloha Shirts - Hilo Hattie PowerPoint Presentation
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Give Yourself The Coolest Effect With Aloha Shirts - Hilo Hattie

Give Yourself The Coolest Effect With Aloha Shirts - Hilo Hattie

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Give Yourself The Coolest Effect With Aloha Shirts - Hilo Hattie

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  1. Give Yourself the Coolest Effect With Aloha Shirts Aloha Shirts also known as “Hawaiian Shirts” is a style of dress originating in Hawaii. The shirts are printed, usually short sleeved and have a collar. These shirts usually have buttons for the entire shirt length or sometimes just down the chest. These come with a left chest pocket. The pocket is sewn keeping in mind the printed pattern as this pattern is the uniqueness of these shirts. These can be worn by men, women; women’s shirts have a lower cut, V- neck style. Usually, exported all over the world; these shirts are often referred as “Hawaiian Shirts”. These shirts are available in two different types Hawaiian Shirts and Contemporary Aloha Shirts. The former ones have traditional Hawaiian quilt design, simple floral patterns in muted colors whereas the later ones have designs that of automobile, drinks, sports and other elements arranged in the similar i.e. Traditional pattern. Those manufactured for local use can be worn as a formal wear in business and government and these are considered equal to coat, shirt and tie in most of the formal settings. Tourists usually wear bright colors while those staying there seem to purchase less busy patterns. There’s a concept known as “Aloha Attire” that is derived from these shirts. Aloha attire refers to all the semi-formal functions such as weddings, birthday parties and dinners where men wear these shirts and women wear other tropical prints. These shirts prove to be a medium between excessive formal and casual wear. You might also have heard about “Aloha Friday” which means celebrating the end of the

  2. week by wearing casual attire on Friday. This was brought up to promote Aloha Shirts. We hope now you have got enough reasons to buy these shirts. Still if you want more; here are they: Reasons to Buy Aloha Shirts: a)Feel Casual: Wearing casual shirts will make you feel casual and stylish. Be a stylish guy on every Friday and give yourself a charming and young look. Stylish guys usually step out in Hawaiian print button ups. b)Be Cool: These shirts usually turn out to be a coolest wear in the hottest summer. They are summer’s sleeper style hit. Every cloth lover must have at- least one of the Hawaiian shirts in its closet. There are several elite fashion brands available that provide fresh pins on the cheesy vacation shirts. c)Various Designs: There are innumerable patterns available to buy from. These shirts come in slinky patterns, fresh leaf patterns and sometimes patterns with whole trees. You can also choose the one available in the floral designs. If you wish to have a cotton one; graphic patterns are available here. If you love novelties; you can choose a shirt having a novelty pattern with antique designs that your grandpa used to wear at his honeymoon. You can choose the one that satisfies your inner sun chaser and just say “Aloha” to spring. Satisfied with these reasons; you can now easily find them on the internet. There are several websites that offer discounts on these shirts. You can buy Aloha shirts online from the well-known websites having new arrivals, clearance sale everything. Always select the website that has different designs from which you can easily select the one of your choice. Along with these shirts, you can also purchase other items such as flip flops, slippers, and sunglasses to have a complete casual look. Becooler than before with these beautiful printed Hawaiian shirts. Try them at your office during Fridays and celebrate the last day of the week in a wonderful manner. Give these shirts a try, get them at affordable prices from various online websites. SOURCE URL: