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What Is Digital Printing And How It Works? - Aprintco PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is Digital Printing And How It Works? - Aprintco

What Is Digital Printing And How It Works? - Aprintco

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What Is Digital Printing And How It Works? - Aprintco

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  1. What Is Digital Printing And How It Works? Digital printing is one of the techniques used to print digitally from computer or any digital storage device. Such printing do not need press plate and setup sheet. With low production cost digital printing has now replaced lithography completely in a big way. Digital printing services California usesraster images that are directly sent to the printer using digital files and graphics with the help of software application. Raster images are called bitmap and X or Y grid coordinates on the space of display showing the details of coordinates for illuminating. Not like other process, the toner will not infuse substrate while it form thin layer on its surface. The fuser fluid from UV curing or heat process can be used to adhere the surface. The most common type of digital printer is dry toner or inkjet printer. The inkjet printer creates images by mapping droplets of ink on the paper. Those droplets are often of 50 to 60 microns. A toner based printer uses toner and its print comes out dry. The toner is plastic based fine powder which gets heated inside the Xerox with fuser and melts on the paper. Dots that are formed by toner are smaller than the inkjet droplets means 7 to 10 microns. Such smaller dots are the result of DPI comes in display and high clarity image. The major difference between digital printing and offset printing is no printing plate is needed that make digital printing cheaper. If it is a small job, offset printing plates cost you more

  2. money than digital printing cost while for larger means copying 500 or more copies then you have to switch to offset lithography. Benefits of Digital printing service 1.Eco-friendly As this also involves chemicals and ink, there is no pre-press procedure like offset printing so no need of plates and chemicals. With digital printing you can save material a lot. 2.Quick Turnaround When no plates or pre-press procedure is needed the initial time taken to setup also reduce and get print quickly than offset printing. 3.No Initial Cost Speaking of the initial setup no additional cost is needed to create plates, so you can save money but for a smaller printer. In order to have high volume printing offset printing tend to remains the top because once after setting up no further charges is needed. 4.Customization Essentially offset printing is imprinting the content on printing material. It means physically the content is set and not changes. It is same in the case of digital printing, so customize each unit of print without any hassle. 5.Small Batch Printing If you like to print thousands of papers, then setup cost might not be justified with offset printing. While in digital printing you can able to print multiple batches and no need to worry about any big setup cost. 6.Accuracy In digital printing samples can be printed to know the accuracy of color and what exactly you are printing can be envisioned. Colors can be tweaked and its properties but in offset printing this whole process is done in a tricky way because of separation in ink and water. There are many such benefits of wholesale digital printing California. The quality is best and less cost is needed than offset printing. Digital printing is the best option for on-demand printing or to print that requires less turnaround. In non-contact printing there are many

  3. options of designs to do printing. Here the images will not get distorted like in screen printing. However when compared to the traditional offset printing, the digitally printed pages cost more. SOURCE URL: