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P. s. oint. f. o. P. r. rofit. Introducing:. How does your group get started? Three Simple Steps!. Presented By:. ®.

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  1. P s oint f o P r rofit Introducing: How does your group get started? Three Simple Steps! Presented By: ® First, meet with your organization’s chairperson, board, and/or members and explain Points for Profit as outlined here. If you like, we can schedule one of our hosts to present the program to your group for you. Second, appoint a Points for Profit coordinator and/or a Points for Profit committee, depending on the size of your membership. Third, fill out the Official Registration Form and you’re in! Benefiting ministries and other non-profit organizations in our community. With full participation, $15,000 dollars will be awarded to non-profit groups just for shopping for everyday needs. $ 5, 000 to 1st Place $ 3, 500 to 2nd Place $ 2, 500 to 3rd Place $ 1, 000 to 4th Place $ 500 to 5th Place $ 100 for clubs placing #6th-30th. Every group benefits! Points for Profit ® Reed Opera House Suite B-12 Salem, OR 97301 503-373-3181 Offering a fun and easy way for non-profit organizations and clubs in our community to raise money!

  2. How can your group participate? What is Points For Profit®? How will your group benefit? Points For Profit® (P4P®) is a successful fundraising campaign offered to the non-profit organizations in the greater Salem and Mid-Willamette Valley area. P4P® is open to all ministries, civic and social clubs, charities, and non-profit organizations who want to raise money. Participation in is easy and all organizations can earn money! There is nothing to sell and we pay you to participate! Earn 200 points “per dollar spent” by shopping at participating business sponsors. Earn generous, extra bonus points offered by the businesses and by Points for Profit for featured shopping opportunities and special activities. Collect cash awards for points earned Call our office today and register in P4P®. Once registered you are included in all of our P4P® activities, promotions, and you will receive all of our communications. How simple is it to participate in P4P? Just, shop at the sponsoring businesses. Save your receipts when purchasing items and services. Turn in the receipts and bonus points to your organization. Total and record receipts and bonus points in a P4P Summary Sheet. Send delegates and/or members of your group to the festive, monthly P4P® Coffee Socials and hand over the summary sheets. That’s it! Sponsors are listed in a Buyer’s Guide and in a monthly mailing list; both made available to your club or organization. Groups distribute the Buyer’s Guides and monthly lists to their donor base (congregation, family, and friends), maximizing earning potential. At the end of the program year, dollars spent are converted into points and all points are converted into cash awards for your non-profit organization. Eligibility for cash awards depends on turning in your Proof of Purchases (receipts) to P4P® . Points for Profit hosts an Annual Awards Banquet where organizations registered with P4P® receive CASH for their participation. The amount of the cash award depends on the amount of points earned during the program year. P4P helps build awareness and motivation for non-profit organizations and a viable connection between those organizations and regional businesses within the community. No endorsement of any product or service is either asked for or required. Nor is the use of the name of any group or individual permitted in publicity or advertising by any sponsor. P4P® is not a lottery or game of chance. Awarding $15, 000 back to the Mid-Willamette community is is our goal for the first year. The awards directly benefit ministries, clubs, and other non-profit organizations in our community.

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