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  1. ARGCS ACTD CONOPS BIT/Integrated Diagnostics Weapon System ECP OL IL DL OEM Dataflow Dataflow Dataflow Test / Maintenance Feedback Coalition Team Concept for @world Wide Support

  2. Northrop Grumman ARGCS Solution

  3. ATML Elements (Web) Services TestStation Instrument TestAdaptor UUTData TestConfiguration Diagnostics TestDescription TestProgram TestResults Not Included Not Started Started Draft Candidate

  4. UUT Repair Process Observation Bit Check O level I level D level UUTData TestDescription TestResults (Results & Diagnosis) Diagnostics

  5. ATML Framework • 12 Jan 05

  6. External Interface (UI) UUTstatic UUTstatic Test Config Test Results Reasoner UUTstatic App Exec Diagnostics [1232] UI Data Store Reasoner Test Results Test Description A B Application Ex Test Results Test Description C Test Controller Test Executive Local (Test Results) D ATML E IO Outside ATML

  7. Condensation of Architectures • Test Controller or Test Executive • Application Executive • Historical Database • Data store (metadata) Common Features

  8. BIT Condensation of Architectures Contains UUT data, test descriptions, instrument metadata Static DB UUT Fault Tree Interface (Adapter?) Diagnostic Interface Application Executive Test Controller User Interface Historical DB Reasoner • PIREP • Technician knowledge Contains prior test results for UUT, operator knowledge base (?)

  9. A time line that test results may go through. • Start with a simple list of test that we want to perform • Each test is performed and a measurement is captured • A set of limits is applies to each test consistent with the design authority field test requirements, which may be different from the depot level. • The pass/fail criteria is determined from the limits supplied • The grouping pass/fail criteria is determined • The pass/fail limits and measurements are filtered out as a security measure • The test and pass/fail information is diagnosed to identify indictments and subsequent repair.

  10. How will Test Description define Test Limits? Simple, there’s a common type TestLimits just use that. • What happens if your TestDesription wants to reference an previous run? Oh allow for XPath & XLink • How do you define a group of test? Ahhh • More importantly how do we know we have to? • How do we ensure our Requirement specifications in Test Description can be met from our Instrument descriptions?

  11. What’s happening with? •  - Design - Preconditions & Postconditions, Initialization & Termination (Ion Neag) •  - Design - Test Actions (Ion Neag) •  - A couple of use case scenarios (Dan Pleasant) • Supporting Both Static and Dynamic descriptions? (Chris Gorringe) • What Will Services mean? (Chris Gorringe) • XML Transaction Presentation (Tony Alwardt)

  12. What’s Next?

  13. DRV ATML/ARI KEY Elements FRM ICM CXE Web Services (Web) Services RAI TestStation Instrument RMS SWM SFP IFP CTI DNE TestAdaptor NET UDI AFP UUTData PDD TestConfiguration MCI UTR BTD Diagnostics TestDescription TPD DIAD MTD MTD DTF RTS TestProgram MMF TestResults Not Included DIAS Not Started Started Draft Candidate

  14. INFORMATION FRAMEWORK SYSTEMS INTERFACES Adapter Functional & Parametric Data AFP (IEEE P1641) Instrument Functional & Parametric Data IFP/SFP (IEEE P1641) Product Design Data PDD Built In Test Data BTD (IEEE 1149.X) Digital Test Format DTF (IEEE 1445) Test Program Documentation TPD Interface Adaptor Test Station Instrument Test Description UUTData UUTData Test Description UUTData Diagnostics Instrument Driver DRV (VPP 3-X) Data/ Distributed Network DNE System Framework FRM (VPP-2) UUT Test Requirements UTR (IEEE P1641) Diagnostic Data DIAD (IEEE 1232) IVI/Resource Adapter Interface RAI (IEEE P1641) Multimedia Formats MMF (JTA) Data Networking NET (TCP/IP) Communication Manager ICM (VPP-4) Diagnostic Services DIAS (IEEE 1232) Instrument UUT Device Interfaces UDI Resource Management Services RMS Instrument Computer to External Env. CXE (TCP/IP) UUTData Diagnostics Test Program Set Test Description Interface Adapter Diagnostics UUT ATE TPS Run Time Services RTS LEGEND Switch Matrix SWM Commercial std not yet selected/developed Maintenance Data and Services MTD (IEEE P1636) Master Conformance Index MCI Common Test Interface CTI (IEEE P1505) Commercial std under review/evaluation Commonly accepted commercial standard IEEE P1671 ATML Initiative DoD ATS Technical Framework & ATML Relationships