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  1. Bluetooth

  2. WHAT IS Bluetooth? • Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that lets you connect computers, mobile phones, and handheld devices to each other and to the Internet. Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for the cables that connect devices together. Bluetooth-enabled devices connect wirelessly within a 10 m range.

  3. Where are bluetooth devices found? You can find the Bluetooth device in: Laptop - A portable computer small enough to use. Mobile Phone - allowed people to talk to one another across a distance. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) - A PDA was originally developed as an electronic organizer.

  4. How are bluetooth devices connected? When you are trying to send data from one bluetooth device to the other, suppose two mobile phones, then the process becomes even more simple. You simply have to turn on the bluetooth facility and select the option to send files via bluetooth. Your mobilephone will automatically search for the available bluetooth devices within its range. For this, the bluetooth facility of the other device also needs to be turned on. Your mobile phone will show you the name of the other devices that are in the vicinity. You can simply select the destination device and send the files.

  5. Before we have a bluetooth, we used the USB or memory stick for transferring the data. You need to put the data into the computer first, then you connect the phone into the computer and put the data from the computer into the mobile phone. Its procedure is quite complicated so bluetooth is developed for using easier.

  6. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF Bluetooth? • Two devices can be connected with each other without the use of any cables or wires. • Bluetooth is actually inexpensive • Sharing voice and data • Low interference - Bluetooth devices almost always avoid interference from other wireless devices. Bluetooth uses a technique known as frequency hopping, and also low power wireless signals.

  7. Hardware & software Hardware Monitor Mouse Mobile phone Software Internet connection Operating system Anti-virus Keyboard CPU PDA or Personal Digital Assistant

  8. What are the possible drawbacks? • Security - Bluetooth devices can be susceptible to security threats. Although most Bluetooth devices are designed with top-level security features, potential threats are still a problem. • Connection - Connection between a Bluetooth device and its recipient device is not perfect. If an object is placed between the devices, transmission could easily be cut off. • Speed - Infrared is a competitor to Bluetooth in the electronic-transmission marketplace.

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