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  2. What it takes Good grades Hard work Dedication Effort Coach Teammates

  3. Team

  4. Who can participate Armature Athletic Union For Athletes ages 5 to 13 Middle school Grades 6 to 8 High school Grades 9 to 12 College For students participating at a Post secondary school

  5. AAU rules If an incident occurs the tournament director has to tell both the coaches parent or legal guardian about the concerns of what's going on. Then he has to get with the other members of the board and then tell the athlete that he either needs to move down a weight class or move up one. Then the director would have to write up reasons of why, how, and what weight the athlete would have to drop to or go up to. Then the things he wrote would have to go to the head table and stapled to the athletes bracket sheet for future reference. Physical or even verbal abuse to an athlete isn’t accepted in AAU wrestling. This applies not only to the coaches and referees but to the parents and spectators also. There is no tobacco, alcohol, or drugs allowed at any sanctioned event. People that have any of these at an event will be banned for all events.

  6. Continue 1. The coaches aren't allowed to purchase the AAU membership cards the same day as a tournament. The coaches have to apply 7-14 days in advance. Every coach has a background check done to make sure they will be a good coach.

  7. Middle school rules 1. The rules for middle school are the same as the rules for high school.

  8. High school Rules 1. Wrestling is a contact sport and it must be understood by both the athletes and parents that participation in practice and/or competition places them in a situation where injuries can occur. 2. All rules in the handbook concerning athletics and student conduct apply to all participants in the wrestling program. Participants include wrestlers and student managers. 3. You are a representative of yourself, your team, your school, and your community. No conduct that is detrimental to the image of the wrestling program or the school will be tolerated by any member of the wrestling program at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive language, harassment, fighting, personal image (including but not limited to hickeys, hair cuts, and clothing), etc. 4. Daily attendance is mandatory, and essential for the development of a successful program. Daily practice also aids in injury prevention and is essential for the development of skill and conditioning needed to become a successful wrestler. 5.All athletes are required to attend practice every day that they are in school. Any athlete who has an unexcused absence from practice will miss the next scheduled competition on the first offense, and will owe the team and Coach Phelps extra conditioning. Coach Phelps will handle any unexcused absences after that. Failure to show up to practice will lead to being asked to leave the team.

  9. Continue 6.Coach Phelps can only excuse athletes from practice or competitions. The request must be made personally by the athlete or by the parent. A note from the parent must accompany the request. This includes riding home from an event with their parents (only parents will be allowed to request in person). 7.Athletes will be responsible for all equipment checked out to them. Any loss or damage will be charged directly to the athlete. Take care of your equipment, and never leave it in a situation where it can be stolen or damaged. 8.Insubordination will not be tolerated by any member of the wrestling program. Any insubordination will be disciplined on an individual basis by Coach Phelps. 9.Females on the wrestling team will only be allowed to practice with other females. If none are available they will have to learn the moves on their own through shadow wrestling.

  10. College wrestling Overtime If one athlete is in offence of one minute he gains one point for each minute of overtime. Illegal moves You cant do a double leg kick back and no holding in the rear stance position. Noise restrictions There is no loud music or any noise makers aloud at a tournament. Weigh ins All athletes are required to wear suitable undergarments.

  11. High school

  12. Head coach • Mike Phelps • Assistant coaches- • Troy Vanderboom, Tyrel Bonnet • Managers • Millie H., Madison R. • Athletic Trainer • Sage R. High school coaches and managers

  13. Newell High school team for 2014 9th graders Lane S. Dylan V. 11th grader Teagan S.


  15. GO IRRIGATORS Kick some butt!!!

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