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Web Services, Custom Software & Application Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Services, Custom Software & Application Development

Web Services, Custom Software & Application Development

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Web Services, Custom Software & Application Development

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  1. Content Marketing

  2. Content marketing is used to describe a type of marketing that involves creating and sharing relevant content in order to attract an audience of a specific targeted market. Social media has changed the way we approach content marketing making it a more useful form of marketing than most others and gives us a medium to connect to different crowds. • A commonly used form of content marketing is blogging. A blog can be a simple site or part of a site in which articles are written relevant to the site. The content published through blogs, created using the right key words and phrases, can increase your chances of being found on google and bing as as well as maintain your users base's focus and time on your site making it longer. 

  3. Videos and images are another form of content marketing. Just like text, images and videos can be indexed in search engines and help boost user numbers. Not only do they engage a user, but they also bring more awareness as to the sites purpose and what it has to offer. 

  4. RSS feeds • RSS feeds is another way to keep your users up to date with the latest news from your site with out them having to check it constantly. • Another form of updating your users with the latest news about your site is newsletters. Newsletter subscription is something we stress on most sites as it allows you to build a strong mailing list and user base as well as helps you to easily update them and reach out to them with the latest information on what is going on on your site. • Not only do we help you create the content, we also help you expose it in various, new ways. Social media is one of them. Sharing your content via social media is vital to content marketing as well. Under content, links such as  "like on Facebook" or "tweet" can allow users to share the content to an average of 250 people. So think of it as this, with 4 "likes" or "tweets" , your brand would be exposed to over 1000 people. 

  5. Wingate Systems - One stop shop for IT Solutions Company in Dubai, our expertise in web services, online marketing, custom software and application development, managed services and technology consulting. • Providing a range of effective website design and development solutions which include corporate websites, E-Commerce websites, social networking, campaign based micro/mini websites and mobile compatible websites. •