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Reasons Why You Should Set Career Goals

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Reasons Why You Should Set Career Goals

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  2. Career goals are specific outlined objectives that a person wishes to reach during the course of his or her employment.

  3. They can be short-term or long-term.

  4. FOR EXAMPLE An entry-level employee may set a goal to receive a promotion within one year. He or she may set a long-term goal to relocate and open a store.

  5. The following are five reasons that an employee should set career goals:


  7. The act of setting a goal creates a vision that a person can see clearly.

  8. Once the person creates a vision, that person can then envision the vision’s events occurring.

  9. Visions, dreams and aspirations are accomplishments that an ambitious employee hopes to achieve in the future.

  10. Goal setting establishes a clear expectation of an end result. “


  12. Setting a goal creates excitement, and excitement breeds motivation.

  13. Excitement causes a reaction in the brain’s chemicals that gets the blood pumping and the juices flowing.

  14. A person is likely to put strong efforts into a project after setting attainable objectives.


  16. This process forces the person to establish priorities.

  17. It includes an outline of the necessary steps that the person has to take to get to the end result.

  18. FOR EXAMPLE An entry level salesperson’s goals may include: Taking classes to become more efficient in the position. Winning awards. Applying for a job promotion.


  20. Having an established timeline for obtaining results will start a chain of creativity and a burst of strategy- building actions.

  21. It is a positive process that enlightens the person who sets the main goal.


  23. It provides a person with a clear path to success.

  24. Hard work comes naturally when an individual can see a successful outcome.

  25. How to Set Career Goals

  26. Examples of computer software that can help: GoalsOnTrack GoalEnforcer

  27. It doesn't matter whether the person uses computer software …

  28. … a solid mind-kept systematic approach, or a pen-and-paper outline to plan his or her future.

  29. All that matters is that the goal is apparent and the participants …

  30. … put their efforts into achieving it through continued hard work and education.

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