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BBI 2420 Oral Interaction Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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BBI 2420 Oral Interaction Skills

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BBI 2420 Oral Interaction Skills
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BBI 2420 Oral Interaction Skills

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  1. BBI 2420Oral Interaction Skills SESI BERSEMUKA PERTAMA 18 Disember 2010 SEMESTER KEDUA 2010/2011 PROGRAM BACELOR PJJ UPM

  2. Lecturer (1)Liew Nyuk Lan Contact information : Department of English Language Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400 UPM Serdang Office : Room A155, 1st Floor of FBMK Building (Block A) Telephone No : 03-89468717 E-mail Homepage :

  3. Lecturer (2)Sangeetha Palpanaban Contact information : Department of English Language Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400 UPM Serdang Office : Bilik Seri Buana, 2nd Floor Bangunan Sanggar Bahasa FBMK Telephone No : 012 2522602 E-mail

  4. Overview • Prerequisite • Learning objectives • Course Synopsis • Course Content • Course Organisation • Course Assessment

  5. What are the course prerequisites? • Those without MUET: Must have a Pass in BBI 2409 English for Academic Purposes • Those with MUET : Must have a Band 3 or Band 4* * B.A.BI, B.TESL

  6. What are the Learning Objectives? • By the end of the course, students are able to: • demonstrate the ability to speak with appropriate • pronunciation, stress and intonation (P4) • relate interactive skills and language use in formal and • informal situations for effective communication (A4, LL) • organise and deliver oral presentations with appropriate • content and structure (C5) • 4. use non-verbal strategies in oral interactions (CS)

  7. What is this course about? This course involves the learning of correct pronunciation, appropriate stress and intonation, speaking skills, and strategies in a variety of formal and informal situations, and making oral presentations for academic and professional purposes. It also provides interactive activities which include using grammar in communicative context, informal conversation practice, interview simulations, and outlining and delivering oral presentations.

  8. How will you be assessed? Mid-Semester Exam : 30% Assignment 1 : 15% Assignment 2 : 25% Final Examination : 30% ____ 100% Note: Details available on PPL website

  9. Please refer to module – Learning Schedule What should you do each week?

  10. What is Assignment 1 about? PORTFOLIO (15%) Assignment 1 is Individual work which involves reading internet resources and doing grammar/language exercises Your answers/reflections are to be written in the Portfolio. Work to be hand-written. Refer to STUDENTS’ GUIDELINES in the portfolio for details of selected articles and further instructions. Note: The PORTFOLIO can be downloaded from the PPL website in the Tugasan Section. *

  11. Sample from Portfolio_______________________________________ STUDENTS’ GUIDE

  12. Sample of Activity Log________________________________________ • ACTIVITY LOG X/9 • Date: • 1 Log on to • Read the four articles listed in Pronunciation and Speech Training. What have you learnt from these articles? • ( Write your response/answer here) • Read articles on this website - to find information on starting, maintaining and ending a conversation. What interesting points have you learnt from these articles? • ( Write your response/answer here)


  14. What is Assignment 2 about? Oral Presentation (25%)Task 1Prepare a set of questionnaire and carry out a survey on 20 respondents. Task 2 Make an oral presentation based on the findings of your survey with the aid of Power Point slides. Task 3Construct questions for an interview and carry out an interview to collect information on your survey topic. Note: For more details, refer to Tugasan 1 And Tugasan 2 which are available on the PPL website.

  15. Assignment 2 The questionnaire forAssignment 2 is designed to give you practice in constructing questions. It may be a good idea to refer to Unit 5 in your module and refer to articles on the internet on how to construct a questionnaire. Use questions rather than statements in your questionnaire.

  16. An example of a question used in a questionnaire__________________________________ • How much time do you spend watching television daily? ___ less than 1 hour ___ 1- 2 hours ___ more than 2 hours ( Remember to provide options for your respondents)

  17. Try to avoid this type of statement Example: Please circle on the scale to indicate your response by using the scale below. • Strongly disagree • Disagree • Neutral • Agree • Strongly agree a The activities in BBI 2420 are interesting. b The activities in BBI 2420 help me in my speaking skills. c The materials in the BBI 2420 module are easy to understand.

  18. You should not… • present non-original work ( survey done by someone else) • use ready-made slides prepared for some other purposes • do the presentation while sitting down • present without an audience

  19. Assignment 2 For the interview, try using more open-ended rather than closed questions which require only a YES/NO answer. Example: • Do you watch television? • What type of programmes do you usually watch? • Which is your favourite channel? • Why do you like this channel?

  20. What do you submit for Assignment 2? 1. CD (i) video recording of your group oral presentation in avi or wmv format. (ii) video clips of your interviews in avi or wmv format. Label each file with members’ names (iii) Power Point slides On the CD, write clearly members’ name and contact numbers. Use a hard casing for your CD. • 10 hard copies of answered questionnaires Use the standard PPL cover page for assignments.


  22. Where do you send your assignments? • Please submit all assignments to Pusat Pendidikan Luar. • Do not send directly to the lecturer. • Keep a record of your submission. • Use the standard cover page for Tugasan which can be downloaded from the PPL website.

  23. REMINDER When submitting Assignment 2, please write the contact number of group members on the CD.

  24. SECTION A (30 min) Listen and respond ( Refer to sample in website ).SECTION B (1 hr 15 min)Subjective – pronunciation, question forms, appropriate language expressions, grammar, etc What is the MID-SEMESTER EXAM paper like? NOTE: Please refer to the sample on the PPL website NOTE: A sample is available on the PPL website.

  25. What should you expect in the Final Examination (30%) • 90-minute exam • 40 - 50 multiple-choice questions • related to pronunciation, conversation, discussion and presentation skills • language for oral interactions, grammar articles listed in the Portfolio Activity

  26. RESOURCES • Module • Internet • CD-ROM Dictionary • Audio/Video CDs • Television • Karaoke

  27. Hope you enjoy the course! Thank You