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Golf Club Tournament Controller

Golf Club Tournament Controller. David Hardie. The Problem:

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Golf Club Tournament Controller

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  1. Golf Club Tournament Controller David Hardie The Problem: Currently small golf clubs have no way for its members and the public to view small tournaments as they are played. They may only find out the results as the groups finish or days later when the results are made public. Another aspect of small golf clubs is a lack of facilities they have for players to record their scores. The only record of their rounds are the paper scorecards, which are far too easily lost or damaged. By giving players somewhere to safely store all of their rounds, will allow them to keep a track of their scores. A further problem is that handicaps are currently obtained by handing in the scorecard at the clubhouse where the new handicap is calculated manually using a complicated algorithm. I think these current methods of operation are quite dated for the modern days game. Player scorecard Online leaderboard Handheld Scorecard MySQL Database View personal scores Calculate handicap Personal score entry after a round Additional Features: The players can additionally use many other features, including: • Storing of scores. All previous rounds can be entered then looked up and analysed at a later date, trends can be identified. Scorecard.php TournamentTable.php • Handicap calculation using a players 5 most recent scores. A user can view the current leaderboard and view any of the player scorecards from the web pages. • Viewing competitors recent scores to judge their current form before facing them out on the course. Technologies Used: The Tournament Controller: The aim of this project is to create a system which can manage the many different aspects of a golf tournament and player scoring. The system will include remote score entry by club officials situated around the course during a tournament. The officials enter scores onto a handheld device which acts as a scorecard after every hole. When the scores are received by the database the online leaderboard is updated to reflect any changes in standings out on the course. Fans viewing the tournament leaderboard will be able to see the changes in standing and score, as well as being able to view an individual players scorecards. • View all previously completed tournament tables. • Access all of the individual player scorecards for the previous • MySQL database which includes several tables to tournaments. hold data on players, rounds, courses etc. • A registration page for players wishing to use these additional • PHP embedded in HTML tags produces web facilities. pages that display the score data held in the database. • Registered users can log-in and log-out of the website when they • Palm emulator software, that will replicate all of need to use any of the additional facilities. characteristics of an actual Palm handheld device. • A tournament setup facility, which only the administrator can use. • Superwaba, which is a java language designed Details such as course used, holes per round, number of players, size of group and rounds per player, are needed create a table. especially to write applications for portable handhelds. This will be used to write the scorecard application.

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