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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation? PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?

Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?

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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?

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  1. Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation? Period 1

  2. Task 1: Let,s have a competition! Please write down your vacation activities on the paper, as many as possible(1 minute). Which group is the best?

  3. What are they doing for vacation? They are going to the beach.

  4. They are going bike riding. What are they doing for vacation? They are going fishing.

  5. They are playing volleyball. What are they doing for vacation? They are playing soccer.

  6. What is he doing for vacation? He is going camping. He is babysitting.

  7. What is he/she doing for vacation? He is going hiking. She is walking.

  8. 1a: Look at the vacation activities in the picture. Make a list and add more.

  9. 1b: Listen to the conversations and number the pictures [1-3]

  10. What are you doing for the National Day?

  11. Task 4: pairwork What are the people in the picture doing for vacation? Make conversations. A: What are you doing for vacation/weekends/…? B: I’m babysitting my sister /going camping.

  12. Period 2 What is he/she doing for vacation?

  13. 2a: Listen. What are Hector, Susan and Molly doing for vacation? Fill in the chart under “What” 2b: Listen again. Fill in the chart under “When”. on Friday going to sports camp on the 11th going to the beach this weekend

  14. Pairwork Practice the conversation. Use the information from the chart in 2a. A: What’s Hector doing for vacation ? B: He’s visiting his cousins. A: When is he going? B: He’s going on Friday.

  15. 2c GROUPWORK What are you and your classmates doing for your next vacation? Ask and answer questions and then write down your plans. A: What are you doing for vacation, Li Chen? B: I’m going camping . A: That sounds nice. Who are you going with? B: I’m going with my parents. A: When are you going? B: I’m going on Thursday.

  16. Tibet

  17. Hong Kong

  18. 3b Pairwork Make new conversations using the information below. DAVE cousin’s house a week ZHU YANSan Francisco Friday –Tuesday MARY beach five days MIKE sports camp 11th-22nd A: What’s Dave doing for vacation ? B: He’s going to his cousin’s house . A: How long is he staying? B: He’s staying for a week.

  19. 3a Read the conversation. Then fill in the chart. Tibet Hong Kong four days a week

  20. Pairwork Practice the conversation like 3a.

  21. Vacation dreams ! Imagine your dream vacation. On a piece of paper,write what you are doing for vacation, when you are going,and how long you are staying. Put your paper in a bag. Then take another paper from the bag. Find the student who has your paper.

  22. I’m going to Hawaii for vacation. I’m going in December, and I’m staying for three weeks. A: Where are you going for vacation ? B: A: When are you going ? B: A: How long are you staying ? B:

  23. Period 3 go fishing go bike riding

  24. take walks rent videos

  25. go sightseeing

  26. 1a Match the words with the pictures. d • ___ go bike riding • ___ go sightseeing • ___ take walks • ___ go fishing • ___ rent videos b c a e

  27. 1b Pairwork What do you like to do on vacation? Use the words from activity 1a and any other words you know. Make conversations. A: What are you doing for vacation ? B: I’m going bike riding. taking walks going fishing renting videos

  28. 2a,2b Listen and check the questions the reporter asks He Yu. Reporter’s questionsHe Yu’s Answers ____ 1.Where are you going for vacation?Italy ____ 2. What’s it like there? _______________ ____ 3. How’s the weather there? _______________________ ____ 4. What are you doing there? _______________ ____ 5. Who are you going with? _______________ ____ 6. How long are you staying? _______________ √ √ beautiful, sunny and warm √ going to the beach, playing volleyball going sightseeing, going shopping √ three weeks

  29. Pairwork Role play. Student A is the reporter. Student B is He Yu. Student A interviews Student B . A: Hello,He Yu. Can I ask you some questions about your vacation plans ? B: Yes . A: What are you doing for vacation …?

  30. 3a Read the magazine and write the number of each picture next to the correct activity. 3 5 I’m taking walks ( ____ ), going fishing ( ____ ), and going bike riding ( ____ ). At night , I’m renting videos ( ____ ) and sleeping a lot ( ____ ) … 4 1 2

  31. Period 4 • Step 2 Presentation • Teach the following new words: • famous, take a vacation, Greece, Spain, Europe, something, lake, the Great Lakes, leave, countryside, nature, forget, a lot, finish

  32. Things to be explained: ① I want to dosomething different.

  33. ②He’s stayinguntilSeptember.another example: He waited for me until9 o’clock. But some words like go, come, leave, we must use not…until She didn’t go there until the rain stopped.

  34. ④ …there are many people there who speak French. In this sentence, who speak French is an attributive clause, we can translate it like 那儿有许多讲法语的人。

  35. Step 3 Listen and practice 3a:Listen to the tape, and then answer the teacher’s questions.

  36. ① What does Ben Lambert do? ② What is he doing this summer? ③ What country did he decide to go this time? ④ Why is he going to Canada? ⑤ What places is he going to in Canada? ⑥ How long is he staying in Canada? ⑦ What are his plans?

  37. 3b Complete the article about Julia’s vacation plans. Julia Morgan, the famous movie star, is taking a vacation. She is going to __________ . “I just finished making my last movie,” she says. “I’m _________ and I really need to .” I asked her about her plans. “Well, I’m going _____ and ________. I’m also _________and ________.I want an exciting vacation !”

  38. Survey Weekend Plans Ask classmates what they are doing this weekend. Use the information on the chart on page 81. Write your classmate’s name next to the correct activity. A: What are you doing this weekend? B: Well, I’m going shopping on Saturday…

  39. SELFCHECK Fill in the blanks with the words given. leave hear plan ask hope hear • I _______ that Thailand is a good place to go sightseeing. • She’s __________for Hong Kong on Tuesday. • I’m _______ the weather is nice in the mountains. • I want to _______ you about places to visit in China. • I’m __________my vacation to Italy this weekend. leaving hoping ask planning

  40. Step 3 Writing Par 2 Students imagine themselves to be tourist guides. They plan schedules for the tourists who visit their cities. Write the schedule for the weekend.

  41. 1.Where are you going? 2.What are you doing there? 3.What should tourists take with them? 4.Where are you leaving from? 5.When are you leaving? 6.What are you eating?

  42. 现在进行时表示将来的用法 现在进行时除表示现在外,还可表示将来,常有\“意图\”、\“安排\”或\ “打算\”的含义。这种用法比较生动,给人一种期待感。它常表示最近 或较近的将来,所使用的动词多是转移动词。如: I\'m going. 我就要走了。 We\'re leaving for Beijing tomorrow. 我们明天就去北京。 When are you starting? 你们什么时候动身? They are coming here this afternoon. 他们今天下午来这儿。 表示将来的现在进行时除用于转移动词外,也可用于某些非转移动词。如: What are you doing next Sunday? 下星期天你打算干什么? My mother is buying me a bike soon. 我妈妈不久将给我买一辆自行车。 I\'m meeting you after class. 课后我要找你。

  43. 偶尔也表示较远的将来。如: When I grow up, I\'m joining the army. 我长大了要参军。 表示将来的现在进行时有时含有\"决心\"的意思,多用于否定结构中。如: I\'m not going there. 我不去那儿了。 I\'m not waiting for him any longer. 我不再等他了。 用这种进行时与对方讲话时可变成命令,不过语气比较温和。如: You\'re staying. 你留下来吧。 You\'re taking part in the sports meeting. 你参加运动会吧。 同一般现在时一样,现在进行时也可用在时间、条件或原因状语从句中表示将来。如: If they are not going, I won\'t go, either. 如果他们不去,我也不去。 When you are passing my way, please drop in. 当你路过我家时,请进来坐坐。